Wildlife Conservation

Why it’s Important to Save Endangered Species

Why it's Important to Save Endangered Species 1

Why Save Endangered Species? We recognize that all species are here for a reason as part of the ecosystem. Each creature fulfills a niche in this ecosystem. But, is it actually that essential to shield every species from extinction on our earth? Isn’t extinction also a part of life – that’s what people say. There…

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How to Save Earth – Work With Nature

How to Save Earth - Work With Nature 2

How to Save Earth? Every Action Must Have a Reaction Every action, whether or not we’ve chosen it consciously, carries with it a set of principles and intentions. This ties in to the laws of Karma ( the Sanskrit word for action) and the “scientific” alternative in Newton’s law that ‘every action must have a reaction’. We only…

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Gorillas Outsmart Poachers

Gorillas Outsmart Poachers 3

A couple of gorillas have been observed looking for as well as destroying poachers’ snares after a juvenile in their group was killed by one of the traps. A few days after a gorilla infant was slain, a pair of wild gorillas were captured on electronic camera taking down poachers’ snares. According to conservationists, this…

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The Importance of Renewable Energy

The Importance of Renewable Energy 4

Importance of Renewable Energy “Either we get responsible with what the Earth has given us, or we sit back, relax, and watch billions of years of evolution die right before our very eyes.” – Kent Allen Halliburton Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that is collected from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale.…

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