Why are Spiders Important?

Most people have an inbuilt fear of spiders but, however, this is simply not justified. We should respect spiders, not fear them, as we should the rest of the animal kingdom. They are an extremely important part of the ecosystem. And they are paramount to any ecosystem by controlling the numbers of bugs that can destroy plants in the wild. Equally they  regulate the crops on which we all depend, and without them there would be much less produce for us to consume.





Why are Spiders Important? – Insect Apocalypse

The magnitude of an ‘insect apocalypse’ that could occur without spiders to help keep the numbers down isn’t quite clear, but would be devastating to the entire ecosystem. Both flora and fauna would be affected drastically if we were to take spiders out of the equation. They are also great at keeping the numbers of flies and other nasties away down, thus are a very important species at keeping harmful bugs like biting flies and mosquito to a minimum making them less likely to spread disease.

They are our friends, not our enemies, regardless of what many people may think. Please respect them! Without it is very possible that we would all cease to exist!

What Are Spiders?

Spiders belong to an ancient group of animals called arachnids, this is part of the phylum Arthropoda which includes insects, crustaceans, and of course it. This group arachnida also contains scorpions, whip scorpions, ticks, mites, solifugae, and harvestmen.

Why is it Important to Conserve Populations?

We ought to respect and admire all nature, not just spiders. Every animal – apart from human beings – has a specific ecological niche to fulfill. Nature has intended them to do a job within the cycle of life. And this is why they are vitally important to the balance of nature, not just in helping mankind. The real danger to any ecosystem is actually human beings, not these wonderful animals. Personally I would much rather be in the company of harmless spiders than destructive humans. It’s a real pity that most humans don’t understand just how important spiders truly are.


Stingray Tree Tent

Protecting Nature is Imperative

We must protect all nature – even the things we fear. Because if we fail to do so, it will be to the detriment of all mankind, not just the animal kingdom and the environment in general. It is vitally important to protect and preserve all of nature’s wonderful diversity of species. What is more, the animal kingdom is wonderful and full of hearts, including spiders.

There is an old saying which epitomizes just how important spiders are. It goes like this: “If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider run alive.”

So if you see a this, don’t despair. Please show it, and nature, some respect by not killing it. We can do this simply by following the instructions in my earlier blog here to remove them safely without causing any harm to both ourselves and the spiders themselves. Please bear this in mind the next time you happen upon a spider in your home.


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