Image by Carlin Joe – Creative Commons License

What is No-Dig Gardening?

The idea of no-dig gardening was established by an Australian called Esther Deans. It was originally both developed as a labour conserving concept, and as a  method to rejuvenate badly overused soil in veggie gardens by using the mulching method.


The mulchingprocess includes beginning with layers of paper or cardboard, as well as by adding hay, straw and also compost in multiple layers. You too could produce food without resorting to heavy digging. And you’ll have soil that is rich in nutrients and a system which will streamline weeding and also encourage your much desired plants to grow. You add manure, garden compost, and so on, as well as remembering not to dig your topsoil, as this will certainly undo the great work.

Why No-Dig Gardening?

The concept of not digging has a solid foundation. Excessive farming of the soil, specifically when really damp or really dry, will damage the composition of the earth, as well as bring about compaction. Such can additionally dissuade the earthworms, and also they are the finest complimentary labor a garden enthusiast has.

To Dig Or Not to Dig – That is the Question! 

Some fans of permaculture and also organic horticulture have turned no-dig into never-dig, which some believe to be incorrect. Why do they think this? Well, if you begin with a base soil that is severely compressed, then your no-dig yard will originally function well, but perhaps not in the long-run. The fertile layer you have developed will certainly motivate the earthworms, but we do know that the worms should shelter from excessively hot, completely dry, damp or chilly conditions. They have actually been known to seek sanctuary from extreme conditions by delving a lot more deeply into the soil. Earthworms can burrow down up to six feet when the ground is frozen, for example, so if the deeper layers are too compact, you worms may either die or move on to another place.


By all means, give the no-dig method a try– you will be pleased with the result.