Just a handful of years ago, the suggestion of vegetarian butchers would have attracted derision. Yet the principle, which started with one solitary store, is going worldwide and the mocking is fading away (Not completely though – there is always room for the skeptic and veggie hater- diversity is key to life!) What is a vegetarian butcher though?  It’s a butchers that sells bacon, steak, burgers, as well as Spanish sausage  that contain no meat or animal products. 

The earth’s first meat-free butcher– The Vegetarian Butcher (De Vegetarische Slager)– opened up in The Hague in October 2010.

A vegetarian butchers has opened up in Minneapolis, Minnesota too. It’s name? The Herbivorous Butcher. Another opened in Toronto, Canada called YamChops , the plant-based protein butchers. London too, as well as other European cities now boast mock meat stores. Of course this current “fad” is not actually new. In Asia mock meat has long been “a thing”. This is partly due to people strictly adhering to religious meat-free days or even months. Vietnam has numerous dedicated “Chay” restaurants where all food is vegan,all of the time. China has produced mock meat for quite a while. It really is a dream come true for meat-lovers who don’t want blood on their hands. And it is cholesterol-free and arguably a healthier choice.

It then unsurprising that mock meat is gradually appearing more often on the menu in restaurants and in supermarket aisles. This fad in the “West” looks like it will grow. On top of the ethical and health benefits of plant-based protein meats, we might just be able to feed more people and reduce methane emissions from livestock. Most people are still omnivorous, but the key is to limit our impact and help save the earth.

Can mock-meat and vegetarian butchers help save the earth? What are your thoughts?







  1. Tom on October 16, 2016 at 9:19 am

    What the hell is vegetarian meat I mean come on the whole reason to become a vegetarian is to not eat meat let alone substitutes that taste like it…..get on my goat veggie is veggie simples….why be a veggie and yet crave fake meats it’s stupid! I even steer clear of quarn or what ever it’s called because I chose to be veggie for a reason!!

    • Emma Murphy on October 17, 2016 at 2:50 am

      Vegan “meat” is a big thing here in Asia – it’s basically plant protein – either soy or fungi- and to be honest, it is absolutely delicious. It’s been a big thing for a long time, so it’s well established and they have standard dishes that emulate the local cuisine. Whatever is available meat-wise is also available vegan wise which means I don’t miss out on local specialities. I thought very much like you until I moved out here and sampled it.

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