How to Start Urban Gardening

Transform your balcony or porch right into a city veggie yard with this brief introduction concerning beginner’s urban gardening.

An urban veggie patch, to be certain does not require you to be a green-thumbed wunderkind. All it requires to make an effective veggie yard is some interest, some preparation and also a great deal of your time, effort, and perhaps a little sprinkle of creativity.


Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening

Make a decision about which veggies you desire to grow.

The preliminary step in starting an urban veggie balcony, porch, patio – or vertical wall even,  is to choose exactly what to plant there. Start small is the rule of thumb. And start from the easiest veggies to grow if you are a beginner. Consider, naturally, exactly which veggies your family eats.

As a beginner urban gardener, identify short-term veggies that only need a few weeks to grow. These vegetables include: spinach, basil, coriander, mint, lettuce, swiss chard, radish. Other vegetables you might consider take longer to grow (2 months or more). These include: tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, chillis and so on-Urban Gardening.

Make a list.

Find the Best Spot to Grow Your Veggies

Direct Sunlight / Partial Sunlight

The majority of veggies require 4-6 hrs of direct sunshine and will grow better in places that obtain 6+ hrs of light. Fruiting plants such as aubergines and also tomatoes could be grown on west or south facing verandas or balconies,

Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening

Containers and Container Gardening.

(See earlier Save the Earth post by Tessa Patterson on container gardening for more detailed instructions)

You could establish the plot could on a roof, on a terrace or patio. South and also west facing sites obtain the best sunlight. North facing growing areas are more suitable for salads and also leafy greens.


Select an area for your site that is close to a water resource. This makes it very easy to water the plants daily. Make sure you water them appropriately.


Stone free soil is better for growing plants and you can enhance the growth of your veggies by adding compost. It’s better to make your own.

It’s always better to start small. And start easy. This way you can gain in knowledge and experience. Before long, you’ll be growing all sorts of things in your little urban oasis!

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Urban Gardening

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