Underground Greenhouses – A Growing Demand for Safe, Healthy Food.

There is a growing demand for safe, healthy food.  But many of us have little space to grow healthy natural food in nutrient-rich soil. In today’s world we need to seek techniques which will certainly conserve power, decrease air pollution, and allow us to grow even more.


We also need to produce a better yield, to produce top quality plants, as well as having something that is inexpensive. Can one approach provide solutions to all these things? The underground greenhouse is a great solution and here’s why.


Underground Greenhouses

Underground Greenhouses

Underground Greenhouses and the Eco-Conscious Grower

First of all, what exactly is is an underground greenhouse (also termed a Walpini)? Simply put, it’s a greenhouse dug out 6- 8 feet deep in a regular rectangular shape. The longest rectangular wall faces the winter sun with a thick wall of compacted earth at the back of the structure and a significantly lower wall at the front provide the required angle for the transparent sheet roof.

This roof seals the hole, provides an insulating airspace between the two layers of plastic and allows the suns rays to penetrate creating a warm, stable environment for plant growth. With this transparent covering, the greenhouse stays warm by passively soaking up the sun’s heat and absorbing the earth’s thermal energy.

Underground greenhouses are a favoured approach by the eco-conscious homesteader. They can be constructed within a large geographical range and also within divergent climatic conditions. This is great news for those looking to be self-sufficent all year round or for those wanting to set up a micro-business in food/ plant production.

Due to the fact that the ground is warmer in the winter and colder in the summer, you are producing a far more secure micro-climate compared to growing outside. Generally, the design is excavated three to five feet underground, and also it permits the collection and the storage of daytime solar radiation. You can grow all year long despite the weather, which is promising for those in extreme climates, as well as those in places like the UK or Canada, where you have 4 seasons.


The Case for Building Yourself Underground Greenhouses 1

Underground Greenhouses

Natural Insulation

The deepness of the greenhouse allows you to use thermal constant temperatures, making it possible for food to grow in colder climate conditions. The underground, nature-friendly technique has been around for decades, as well as proven to be an efficient design which uses nature’s resources in order to give a stable setting for year-long growing.

The underground greenhouse technique enables for natural insulation, while optimising solar absorbance. These partly subterranean greenhouses seem to be the best at growing winter month horticultural crops, as well as having actually been embraced in countless countries, such as Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Korea, and China.

Partially underground greenhouses, like their ground-level counterparts rely primarily on sunlight for growing, and the plant growth is not determined by climate conditions. These greenhouses have made it possible for people to increase yields of fruits and vegetables during a time of year that they otherwise would not have generated. It therefore has the potential to ameliorate tough economic conditions in places where seasonal variations can create hardship for some. – Underground Greenhouses

Here at the Save the Earth Cooperative, we are eager to hear from you if you have experience of underground greenhousing or if you’d like to build one. We think it’s a great solution to the problem of providing year-round nutritious food and would like to empower our members and our communities to build them

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Underground Greenhouses

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