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Tiny house communities could quickly become a huge “thing” in the USA.

Well, so say researchers at Kansas State University. Why? To start with, tiny house villages are eco-friendly, they invite a sense of community, and they urge healthy and balanced way of living.  There are also big health benefits to be gained from living in them, apparently. Additionally, they’re a secure and inexpensive housing choice for the “masses”. So, some “experts” are wishing that tiny house villages will spread across the country very soon, according to the The Wichita Eagle.


Tiny residences, residences that measure under 1,000 square feet, do not comprise a lot of the property market now. Since 2015, just one percent of house buyers intended to reside in a so-called tiny home. But, however, the Kansas State scientists think this might quickly shift.


tiny houses

                                                                                                Inside a Tiny Home


It is clear that there are a whole lot of advantages to living in teeny-weeny homes (less cleaning for one!). Nonetheless, zoning legislation across the USA have frequently impeded the development of tiny house areas – a common occurrence it would seem.


The standards and guidelines set in several locations inhibit tiny homes- generally regarded as mobile homes– because, to name a few factors, they could be seen by neighbours as being “low class.” Naturally, this seems to us at the Save the Earth Cooperative just a “tiny” bit unhelpful and counter-intuitive to real progress in providing affordable homes for all – especially the vulnerable. This is, after all, the 21st century!


Tiny House

Tiny House


However, experts believe that the growing interest – both offline and on social media – for these tiny residential properties will certainly boost how people see them. Perhaps because of this, tiny houses seem to conjure up different images in relation to class.


They seem to dodge association with “Trailer-Park” type homes, which the social stigma seems to be pointed at. They are typically seen as middle or upper-middle-class and there is a plan to study specific tiny villages in order to figure out how they can harness the trend and use it to provide affordable housing options to those that need it. Sound good to you?

Would you live in a tiny house? Or would you help build a tiny house community for the homeless?

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Tiny House

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