The Peoples Cooperative

The Cooperative Management Board

My name is Phil Smith and I am a co-founder and chairman of the trustees of this co-operative movement; a family man, a father and a grandfather who has only recently gotten round to appreciating that we need to regain the power and influence in this world in order to leave something good for those who follow in our footsteps.

Born and bred in Cambridge, England, the son of a gipsy father and aristocratic mother (the ultimate rags to riches love affair) I completed a formal education and moved into business – first, to work in my father’s haulage and removals business but then to find my own feet in the corporate world. I worked for such corporate giants as the Prudential Assurance Company, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co and the Huntsman Corporation; from sales agent to regional manager, UK sales manager, European General Manager and, ultimately as European Managing Director, living and working in Germany for 5 years. It was at this time that I was elected to the position of Chairman of the European PVC Film Manufacturing Association (EPFMA) and then re-elected for a second term. Nothing very environmentally-friendly in those organisations at the time, I hear you say! But the experience of running large organisations and chairing key associations will, I feel, have helped me to develop into the individual I am today, able to play a worthwhile role in the formation and running of the co-operative and the foundation.

After returning to England, I lived first in Surrey and then moved northwards, to Cheshire, where I still live today. Here, I became Chief Executive of an OFEX-listed company and led it to a listing on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM) raising circa £5million in the process, so I understand about funding and financing. Over the past few years I decided that big is not necessarily beautiful, especially in the corporate world of dog eat dog, so I started looking around to put something back and, about six or seven years ago, was introduced to Emlyn Mousley, the brains and ideas man behind this journey we are embarking upon. I now sit on the board of trustees of two not-for-profit organisations, Save the Earth being one.

So, I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as a natural environmentalist and I don’t understand a lot of what “being green” is all about – but I’m learning fast! I’m definitely not an activist but I now see you don’t need to be an activist if you belong to a well-thought-out movement of like-minded individuals, most of whom know a good deal more than I do but who all respect and value each other’s contributions to the whole. By the people, for the people – and every member gets a vote.

One thing I know is that I am is a granddad to four beautiful grandchildren who will only be better off and live in a safer, more settled society if changes are made – and soon! We cannot leave it any later to make those changes – to bring about the change we wish to see in this world so that our children and grandchildren can benefit and stop living in a world of hatred, famine and war.

Interests; family, F1 motor racing, the new sport of Stingball®, cooking, health & fitness.

Kathryn Wilson

I am a wonderer, armchair wanderer, being of this Earth and the universe, and an internet activist. I feel my calling is to help and teach others; I have always worked within the information or education sectors.

I lived the first 30 years of my life in South Africa, growing up around and in the ‘Apartheid’ paradigm. I saw or read about racism and human hatred on a daily basis – and tried to analyse and understand why humans would perpetrate such horrible actions and feelings against their fellow humans.

I’m still trying to understand it, but now I’m living in a first world country in Europe (the UK), against the backdrop of non-stop US/UK initiated wars and ‘Brexit’.

My escape was nature. I always felt a sense of great calm and wonder when surrounded by trees, birds, insects and wild animals, and still yearn for the big skies and wildness of some parts of Africa. I hope I, my children and grandchildren get to experience this again before it disappears forever.

I’m part of Save the Earth Co-op because I’m certain there is another way for humans to exist harmoniously with each other, in tune with animals, the Earth’s many environments, and the universe. I write about natural health/healing, the environment and animal rights.

I look forward to connecting with you, whoever or wherever you are. Love, peace and light

Stephanie Brereton – Co-Founder & Head of Retail Acquisitions

My name is Steph. I am 55 yrs. old and live in Berkshire UK. I currently work for a conveyor belt company mainly serving the recycling industries throughout the UK. I am responsible for all our companies accreditations, including ISO 9001 ISO 14001 Safe contractor and PICS auditing. I am also responsible for the health and safety activities of our workforce, providing them with safe methods of works and eliminating any risks associated with that.

As a second job I also worked as a PA to tetraplegic clients. Helping them to lead the most independent lives possible. I am a mother of four children and a nan to ten grandchildren.

For many years I just could not quite figure out what was wrong with this country and the world as a whole … this was not the dream of growing up that I was promised as a child and things just did not feel right.

I then joined Facebook and over the past year I joined the Save the Earth Facebook group. It did not take me long to figure out that a large amount of people felt the same way as me … posting all the problems in the world and highlighting what and who was behind this. Emlyn the Admin of the page then contacted me, offering what he felt could be a solution where all the like minded people could come together and start taking real action …

This solution is the Save the Earth Co-op. I have joined this because I felt as a single entity I could not make dents in this crooked system of things and by coming together we have a much stronger chance … one platform … one voice.

I am here to offer my time to help get this co-op up and running and I cannot think of a better way to spend my free time. My dream would be to build a better future for all and to be proud in the knowledge that I played a part in that.

Marc Taylor – Co-Founder & Head of IT, Analysis and Web Security

My name is Marc and I am responsible for our data and related security.

My life so far has been a tale of northwards drift, having been born in the Midlands and currently living in Scotland. I first moved to Edinburgh to study Geology, a fabulous University, a great city and a huge amount of fun! After graduating, I moved further north and started my career as a custodian of geological data, cleaning up, migrating, analysing, building solutions – generally whatever was needed to make the data work for people rather than people working for the data – and unlocking the value therein. I have spent over twenty years in data / information management, and application support. I have built and managed businesses for employers, successfully guiding teams through the highs and lows of data service provision and project enablement. For clients, I have designed, built and delivered technical solutions, have advised on data strategy, and have prevented unintended data breaches.

I believe that people and technology can work hand in hand to help solve this World’s challenges, thus making humanity’s existence a better one – for now and for future generations. It was this interest which led to my being involved with the Save the Earth Cooperative, and an opportunity to support an organisation enacting positive changes. To quote Ghandi, “The time has come to be the change we wish to see”, and this is what the Save the Earth Coop is all about. We currently have an unparalleled opportunity to synthesise tradition with modern technology delivering a sustainable and healthy future for our planet and for future generations. “If we look after our planet, it will look after us” (to quote my youngest).

Outside of work I have a variety of interests including spending time with family and friends, movies, amateur dramatics, fire walking, photography, cycling and hiking.

Emlyn Mousley – Founder

I’m Emlyn Mousley – and as a family man and the original founder of this co-operative movement, I’ve had an interesting life so far!

In my younger years I trained and qualified as a coded welder, managed a PAPNET smear test sales team and trained as a numismatic portfolio specialist working in Hong Kong; later in life I developed properties for clients and moved into merchant banking and commodities, sitting on the boards of several companies in various key roles. I have been very lucky and travelled extensively through Asia, Europe and North America and, as a result, consider myself to be well versed in people skills with a well-balanced, honest and fair attitude to other people and to life as a whole.

During a difficult time in my life I asked myself a question, “What is life all about ..?” I became aware over the years that making money is not the be all and end all in life; yes we live in a capitalist society and we all have bills to pay. We work mostly for pennies in the grand scheme of things, 40-60 hours a week and for what ? What are we doing …? The answer = just paying off debts and keeping up with the Jones’s – the latest car, the latest flat screen, high definition TV, play-station number 28 … the list goes on..

In about 2011 all I wanted to do was to earn millions so that I could invest into my dream humanitarian project and I was forever chasing the big bucks. Even though the ultimate benefactors would be the people of this planet, it was completely the wrong approach. In order to make changes in this world you need masses of people – yes we can all change individually but sometimes it’s a hard and lonely road, especially with friends and family looking at you all strange for you coming up with these wonderful dream-like ideals. Being a driven and determined fella, I just pushed on. I realised that what we really needed was a people’s co-operative, with lots of people having the responsibility to make those changes really effective. Having heard all the time about peoples revolutions, well I got to planning a revolution that made sense – and after a couple of years of planning I was at the stage of actually feeling confident enough to start telling people about it. To my surprise some people loved it, they jumped right in ..

So here we are… myself and fellow founders have worked really hard in creating a fair and democratically-designed core structure with the Save The Earth Co-Operative at its centre and a not-for-profit Foundation to carry out our humanitarian initiatives. The core principle being that it’s all owned and run by the people, with one member, one vote.. bringing communities together. The people decide what direction we move and how we invest in communities and ethical projects as its run by the members for the benefit of the members. Ultimately, the whole world will benefit; ecosystems, oceans and the wildlife that share this green and blue ball with us. So come and join us, because together we can really do wonderful things. I want to be able to say to my children and grandchildren that I stood up and did something.. at the end of the day, we only have a short life, and we are caretakers of this earth, so surely our mission in life is to leave this world in a better state than when we found it ..

PS. If I can wear shorts and flip flops most days at work instead of suits… then that’s good as well..!!

Interests; Family, Scuba diving, the new sport of Stingball®, Cooking, British pubs, Nature, WWl, WWll & Roman History

Best Films, Last of the Mohicans, Matrix, Time Bandits, Avatar, Saving Private Ryan and not afraid to admit I like a bit of Love Actually & Bridget Jones

Hates; People who are late, Corporations and Government policies that pollute the planet, People in power who have access to a two-tier justice system, did I say people who are late?

Heroes; My Uncle Reg, People who show empathy and courage, Jacques Fresco, Nikola Tesla, Rosa Parks, just to mention a few.. a recent discovery thanks to a friend is Viktor Schauberger and his research in water vortexes , amazing man.