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What is Vertical Farming?

What is Vertical Farming? 1

What is Vertical Farming? The term vertical farming was coined by Gilbert Ellis Bailey in 1915 in his book of the same name. He wrote about farming with a special interest in soil origin, its nutrient content, and the view of plant life as vertical life forms, specifically relating to their underground root structures. His use of the…

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How to Start Urban Gardening

How to Start Urban Gardening 5

How to Start Urban Gardening Transform your balcony or porch right into a city veggie yard with this brief introduction concerning beginner’s urban gardening. An urban veggie patch, to be certain does not require you to be a green-thumbed wunderkind. All it requires to make an effective veggie yard is some interest, some preparation and…

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What is Vertical Gardening Anyway?

What is Vertical Gardening Anyway? 6

Image Courtesy of Alfredo Sánchez Romero – Creative Commons License What is Vertical Gardening? As long as you have an empty wall or a bare fence that needs improving, you could tend edibles, annuals, and also perennials with these vertical gardening concepts. Every one of these inspires us! By utilizing a little resourcefulness, individuals can adapt this upright…

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