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How to Community Garden – A Beginner’s Guide

How to Community Garden - A Beginner's Guide 1

How to Start a Community Garden Task Force. 10 Save the Earth Cooperative guidelines that will enable you to start a garden community task force in your area.   Steps 1 -5     Join Save the Earth and we’ll set up a local Save the Earth Facebook group and invite other local members to…

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What are Permaculture Zones?

What are Permaculture Zones? 2

Image by Felix Müller under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. What are The Zones In A Permaculture Layout? Permaculture zones are the various grow zones in your permaculture set-up. We divide a permaculture plot into distinct but overlapping growing zones. Why do we do this? Well, the first reason is that the zones relate…

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What is Permaculture?

What is Permaculture? 3

Image: Claire Gregory’s suburban permaculture garden in Sheffield, UK, 2009 What is Permaculture? You may wonder “What is permaculture?”. Well, a fundamental idea in permaculture is observing and also complying with nature’s patterns. Permaculture advocates create human systems that rely upon organic ecological and social communities. Less ambiguous than the term “sustainability”, permaculture puts forward a…

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Bill Mollison – Save the Earth Hero

Bill Mollison - Save the Earth Hero 4

Image courtesy of Nicolas Boullosa Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license Bill Mollison Following on from our first in the series on “Heroes” – real people making a difference for people and planet – we focus on Bill Mollison, co-creator of permaculture. In fact he is often referred to as the “Father of Permaculture”. Permaculture systems…

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Easy Aquaponics?

Easy Aquaponics? 5

Image via Wikimedia Creative Commons Easy Aquaponics? Have you got fish tank? Then you could start growing food at home today. “Aquaponics” involves growing plants in water. The system of aquaculture is one in which the waste produced by fish or other aquatic animals provides nutrients to plants which you grow hydroponically. In addition, the…

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How to Save Earth – Work With Nature

How to Save Earth - Work With Nature 6

How to Save Earth? Every Action Must Have a Reaction Every action, whether or not we’ve chosen it consciously, carries with it a set of principles and intentions. This ties in to the laws of Karma ( the Sanskrit word for action) and the “scientific” alternative in Newton’s law that ‘every action must have a reaction’. We only…

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An Intro to No-Dig Gardening

An Intro to No-Dig Gardening 7

Image by Carlin Joe – Creative Commons License What is No-Dig Gardening? The idea of no-dig gardening was established by an Australian called Esther Deans. It was originally both developed as a labour conserving concept, and as a  method to rejuvenate badly overused soil in veggie gardens by using the mulching method. Mulching? The mulchingprocess…

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What Kids and Young Adults Can Teach Us About the Environment

What Kids and Young Adults Can Teach Us About the Environment 8

Kids and the Environment As most Save the Earth Cooperative members know, I am a volunteer for Save the Earth Cooperative, as are my fellow co-founders. As volunteers, we are working super hard on the campaign to get the People’s Coop off the ground. It’s a hard and sometimes seemingly formidable task, since we pretty much…

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Children and Permaculture

Children and Permaculture 9

Children and Permaculture Children are the Key to the Future Children are the future – that is for certain. It is their future that we pave the way for right now, so we are merely guardians or caretakers of this earth. But in what state will they inherit the earth? And how might permaculture help…

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