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Narrowboat Dreams-Do It Yourself

Narrowboat Dreams-Do It Yourself 12

Love or loathe DIY, if you want to turn your husk of a boat into a home and you’re on a tight budget, there’s no way of avoiding it. In the third of a series of features chartering aspiring narrowboaters Emma and Saxon’s dream to pursue a more flexible, freer life on the UK’s canals,…

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Narrowboat Dreams-Crunching the Costs

Narrowboat Dreams-Crunching the Costs 13

In the second of a series of features exploring Emma and Saxon’s journey to live a freer, more eco-friendly lifestyle on a narrowboat, they get to grips with the costs of their proposed new venture, experience their first taste of life on the UK’s canals and commit to a decision which will change their lives. Pursuing…

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Narrowboat Dreams–Escaping the Rental Trap

Narrowboat Dreams–Escaping the Rental Trap 14

In the first of a series of features following UK couple Emma and Saxon’s quest to live on a narrowboat, they share their experience of the crippling rental market and their compelling motivations as freelancers to break free and live a simpler, greener life.   It’s Life, But Not As You Know It Picture this:…

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