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Urban Farming Explored

Urban Farming Explored 1

Urban Farming Imagine a local farm producing masses of delicious, fresh, succulent organic fruit and vegetables all year round. You may live miles away from green fields, but this farm is different as it’s tucked away in the middle of your town or city! Urban farms are popping up all over the world and there…

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What? My Homegrown Cabbages are Patented?!

What? My Homegrown Cabbages are Patented?! 4

This probably sounds like a completely ridiculous question, but I’m afraid this is not as far-fetched as it first appears. Whether you grow your own veggies or not, our whole food system is becoming monopolised and it could well be that those crunchy green cabbages you have grown are patented! If you eat fruit and…

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Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture 8

Why Should I Get Involved With Community Supported Agriculture? If you are interested in eating fresh, healthy, local food but don’t have the space to grow your own – or perhaps the know-how, then becoming a member of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm may be just up your street! CSA farms are worldwide, generally small…

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What is Vertical Farming?

What is Vertical Farming? 15

What is Vertical Farming? The term vertical farming was coined by Gilbert Ellis Bailey in 1915 in his book of the same name. He wrote about farming with a special interest in soil origin, its nutrient content, and the view of plant life as vertical life forms, specifically relating to their underground root structures. His use of the…

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Stop Food Waste Today

Stop Food Waste Today 19

Stop food waste As populaces increase, the need for food will certainly increase too. Considering that approximately 1/3 of all food generated around the world every year is chucked out, food waste urgently needs to be suppressed. It comes at a cost of approximately $680 billion to industrialized countries, and $315 billion to arising countries. However, there are means to produce…

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How to Grow Food in Containers Part 3

How to Grow Food in Containers Part 3 20

Grow Food in Containers – Part 3 If you’ve been following my guide on How to Grow Food in Containers, your salad crops should be almost ready to harvest now, but don’t worry if you haven’t sown any crops yet as all types of green, leafy salads are best sown every 3-4 weeks to guarantee…

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Self-Reliance Can Save You a Lot of Money

Self-Reliance Can Save You a Lot of Money 21

Self Reliance is Vital The twenty-first century has not developed a reputation for being an era of particular plenty. Further, let us also keep up with the idea that self-reliance is a vital necessity in this new century. There are ways that you can manage your life, so as to protect you and your family…

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How to Grow Food in Containers (Part 1)

How to Grow Food in Containers (Part 1) 22

  How to Grow Food in Containers Do you want to know how to grow food in small spaces? Growing organic food in containers is one of the most rewarding pastimes and I’ve grown my own produce for years and have had plenty of successes (and failures!) but the one thing that always inspires me…

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