save the world - Nottingham community market- 2008 1

Save the Earth Cooperative are putting on a Community Market in Sneinton, the idea being we wish to promote social eating here in Nottingham, a place where families can come out and enjoy some food from local Nottinghamshire producers at a fair price, all hot food and drink will be priced between £2.00 to £3.50 (no more than £3.50 per portion).

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10 Top Tips to Reduce Water Pollution 2

Do you want to help reduce water pollution? John Hawthorne at MoBox Marine has ten top tips.    “If I don’t drink water, I’m going to die.” – desperate Puerto Rican trying to survive. The fact of the matter is that we can’t live off of beer and energy drinks. H2O is a precious commodity that we simply can’t…

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Save the Earth-  outstanding Newsletter - March 2017 3

Welcome to Save the Earth’s first ever newsletter! We aim to keep you up to date with our latest developments as well as providing special offers and giving you some insight into the co-operative’s inner workings. Our Ethos We believe in you – the people. Here at Save the Earth, it’s one member, one vote…

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Renewable Energy : Not Investing-  The Reality of  success 6

Renewable Energy : Let’s look at some of the effects of humanity’s inability to adapt to the use of Renewable Energy, so far. Poor air quality can kill. Ozone pollution can cause respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, throat inflammation, chest pain, and congestion, which results in innumerable deaths each year.   Water pollution is purely genocidal.…

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The Role of Hydroelectric Power - save the earth 7

What is Hydroelectric Power? Flowing water creates energy that can be captured and turned into electricity. This is called hydroelectric power. The most common type of hydroelectric power plant uses a dam on a river to store water in a reservoir. Water released from the reservoir flows through a turbine, spinning it, which in turn activates…

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Geothermal Energy and its no1 Limitless power 8

What is Geothermal Energy? Geothermal energy is the thermal energy that is generated by, and stored within, the Earth itself. In fact, it is the primary source of energy that determines the mean temperature of all matter on Earth. The innermost core of the Earth is a fairly heated, but solid, ball of iron and…

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Who Cares About the Great Barrier Reef? 9

Image credit: Flickr, Kyle Taylor. Who Cares about the Great Barrier Reef? Just in case the title wasn’t obviously rhetorical, we at Save the Earth do! As the news reports that the Great Barrier Reef has experienced the biggest coral death to date, two thirds of a 700km (435m) stretch in just nine months according…

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What Can Wave Energy Do? 10

What is Wave Energy? Wave energy is the harvesting of the naturally occurring kinetic energy produced by the impact of land and water. Like tidal power, this source of energy is not in as wide use as it really should be, but the concept has been around since the 1890s.   The most effective example…

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Solar Panels

What is Solar energy ? Quite simply, Solar energy is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. It can happen in two main different ways; directly, using what is called Photovoltaics; or, indirectly, using what is called Concentrated Solar energy. Photovoltaics converts light into an electrical current using certain light sensitive chemicals that produce voltage when…

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