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Ten Key Environmental Issues – a Beginner’s Guide

Ten Key Environmental Issues - a Beginner's Guide 1

At Save the Earth, we believe it’s high time that environmental issues receive the attention they deserve. Our planet is on the brink of a severe environmental crisis. If ignored today, these problems will threaten human existence for the generations to come. Earth has a natural environment, known as an ecosystem, which includes all humans,…

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Problems with Soy

Ten Key Environmental Issues - a Beginner's Guide 12

Image Amy Wilson, CSIRO Creative Commons 3.0 License Problems with Soy It has come to light that soy production decimates vast swathes of rainforest. Of course, we are talking about industrial production and not smallholder farming and more ethical organic providers. According to the WWF, global soy production has risen sharply from 130 million tonnes…

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