Do Solar Panels Lower Energy Bills?

Solar panels often offer the promise to reduce your electrical energy expenditure by supplementing the energy you purchase from your regional power firms. However, selecting as well as mounting solar panels could be a frustrating job.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

How do they work?

The panels include solar cells that connect with each other and transform sunshine into electrical energy through special photovoltaic materials such as monocrystalline silicon, epitaxial silicon, polycrystalline silicon, ribbon silicon, mono-like-multi silicon, cadmium telluride, and copper indium gallium selenide. When sunshine strikes these materials, it takes in the light’s energy. Then this creates electrons within to escape from their position in the atom of  relevant photovoltaic material. These panels capture the released electrons to produce an electric current.

How do Solar Panels Lower Your Energy Bill?

The solar panel market rose by 25% taking the global total to 227 GW. Encouragingly, solar panel capacity has overtaken predications from 10 years ago by a large margin.  With China, Japan and the United States being the biggest consumers of solar, energy, there is plenty of space for others to grow their use of solar. Global demand is rising. And with more demand, prices will lower. Currently distributed rooftop solar panels are still more pricey than those on large-scale projects but they follow similar price trends and are their retail prices remain competitive  in many places.

When you generate your own solar power, your utility bill may well fall considerably. How much you save will largely depend on the scale of your solar power unit and naturally your household electricity use. Of course, you will need some power from the grid, but it will often be at a lower price. In addition, if your solar system creates surplus electricity to your immediate home requirements, you can have a system. This flows excess power back to the national grid and you this way to sell it.  The majority of utility companies will pay you or give you credits for this power.


Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Peak Hours and Surplus Energy

Solar power systems produces the most electricity  during “peak” hours which is usually when the sun is at it’s strongest – midday. Happily, for those with excess power to sell back to the grid, this is also when utility rates are at their highest. This advantage means that you buy at a low rate and sell at a much higher rate, on average. This is called “net metering” and with this you can lower your bills even further. Of course the more extortionate your energy bills are, the more beneficial it might be to invest in solar panels. It’s an option to consider.

Naturally, solar panels are less harmful to the environment also, so this is the option for those who want to be more conscious of their impact. 

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Solar Panels

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