Self  Reliance is Vital

The twenty-first century has not developed a reputation for being an era of particular plenty. Further, let us also keep up with the idea that self-reliance is a vital necessity in this new century. There are ways that you can manage your life, so as to protect you and your family from the threat of any of the myriad forms of deprivation that now face average citizens. All you have to do is have the wherewithal needed to make it happen.

If you prepare now, you will not just save a lot of money. You will also build a family that is self-reliant and capable of weathering any potential economic hazards that may come their way. Here are some more ways that you can make that happen.



healthy food

healthy food


Be your own farmer.

Do you have a back yard, front yard, or both? Do you enjoy eating fruits and vegetables? Would you like to lower your grocery bill? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then there is no reason that you should be buying your vegetables at the grocery store.


It is not difficult to section off a corner of your yard to produce the fruits and vegetables that you need to supply your family with the natural fiber and vitamins that they need to maintain good health. Further, self reliance can be achieved, very nearly, year round. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that can be continuously harvested well into late Autumn.

Here is a list of some of the choices that you have available to you: sweet corn, yellow squash, zucchini, green beens, lima beens, soy beens, peppers, beets, salsify, parsnips, potatoes, chard, spinach, celery, strawberries, blue berries, turnips, green peas, black-eyed peas, radishes, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, cantaloupes, honeydew, and watermelons. Are you not an experienced gardener? Get on the internet and learn to be one. Moreover, there is nothing like hands on experience.



Self-Reliance Can Save You a Lot of Money 1

-Be your own pharmacist.

Do you live with constant headaches? Do you have chronic gas? Do you have stomach problems? Do you have issues with dry skin? Are you forced to endure periods of anxiety and depression?


If this is the case, wait before you go to the doctor and rack up medical bills, and definitely do all that you can to avoid wasting your money on over the counter remedies that either do not work or only offer temporary relief. You also want to avoid, in either case, getting hooked on something that could damage your health. There is a way that you can attend to these, and many other ailments, all on your own.

Grow your own herbs. Basil helps relieve bloating due to gas. Chamomile works great to relieve chronic indigestion. Feverfew does wonders for headaches, including chronic migraines. Johnny Jump Up will make dry skin a thing of the past. Finally, Lavender works wonders for anxiety and depression. Do you not know how to extract the medicinal properties from these herbs? There are plenty of self-help manuals, gardening classes, and internet sites that can teach you how to be self-reliant.


-Be your own physical trainer.

Under no circumstances, or for any reason under the sun, should you ever waste your money on a gym membership or a private physical trainer. Do you need to get a good cardiovascular workout? Why do you want to bore yourself on an indoor treadmill and waste your money? Get up in the morning, do a couple of loosening stretches, walk out your front door, and run. To help make your morning run more refreshing, many communities have scenic running paths. Make use of them. Do you want to double up and give your legs a work out too?


Follow the same procedures; but this time, hop on a ten speed bicycle, and ride like the wind. There is no need for you to waste your money on a stationary bike at gym. Are you wanting to get rid of some embarrassing belly fat? Do sit-ups. You can also do crunches and leg lifts. Do you want to tone the muscles in your upper body?

Do some push-ups. There are multiple modified forms of push-ups that you can do to work different muscles in your upper body. Do you not know how to perform these exercises safely? There are tons of online sources that can help you learn how. Save your money.



Self-Reliance Can Save You a Lot of Money 2


-Be your own interior designer.

Do you not like the way that your house is decorated? Would you like to see a lot of changes made? There is no reason that you cannot make that happen all on your own. You do not need to hire someone to decorate your own home. Do the work yourself.


You can put in carpet on your own, you can make your own wood flooring and install it on your own, you can make your own environmentally safe paints and paint rooms on your own, you can make your own furniture, you can make your own curtains, you can make your own rugs, and you can put new lighting in on your own, in addition to anything else you might come up with. If you are not sure how to get started, there are a number of places that you can get ideas.


If you are not sure to sure how to perform certain tasks, there are plenty of ways to learn how to do so. Talk to your neighbors, take a class, or get on the internet and take advantage of the vast resources available there. The money that will save on such work could hit quadruple digits.

-Be your own fashion designer.

When is the last time that you went to a major clothing department store? When you went there, what did you buy? How much did that designer shirt cost you? What was the price tag on those designer pants? Was that designer skirt worth the expense? None of the materials that went into making those designer clothes cost nearly as much as you were charged to purchase them. This is primarily because you were not paying for the materials from which the clothes were made. You were paying for the brand name stitched into those materials. Further, all of those very same materials can be purchased, in bulk, at any local fabric store.


They will have everything from silk, to denim, to cotton, to wool, and many others. The only thing unique thing about the clothes from the department store is the brand name on the manufacturer’s tag, nothing else. You can make your own clothes and save yourself so much money, you may have problems deciding what to do with all of it.


Do you not know how to sew, embroider, stitch, crochet, or put in zippers? Learn how. There are countless ways to do so. Are you short on ideas? Buy sewing how-to manuals, join a local club, take a class, or as always, take advantage of the internet. In the end, the benefits will outweigh the needle pricks.


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Manage, save, and share your experience.

When you first start doing these things; understandably, you are going to go through periods of time where you may need to rethink ideas, adjust practices, or alter certain behaviors. As you do these things, it would be in your best interest to take notes, store receipts, save manuals and guides, and take photographs, among other things. When you are working on your fruit and vegetable garden, make note of local growing periods, soil quality, and those items which grow best in your yard versus those that do not grow so well in your garden. Depending on the conditions, you may need to change what you are planting.


When you are using the herbs that you have grown, make note of how well each one works. If a particular herb is not having the intended effect, you may need to pick a new one, double check your extraction methods, or adjust the herbs growing environment. When you are working out, make note of the exercises that are most effective for you. If you can tell that an exercise is not working, or it is causing you undue pain, you might want to change your workout regimen.


Keep photographic records of the designs that you create for the inside of your house. In the future, you may want to go back to something from years past. You should also keep photographic records of the clothing that you create, so that you can draw from old ideas or share them with a friend. In both cases, keeping samples would also be prudent. Store all of this in a safe place. Scrapbooks are great for this purpose. As you grow older, these records will serve as good materials to teach your children how to practice self-reliance, as well.






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