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Our Ethos

We believe in you – the people. Here at Save the Earth, it’s one member, one vote – your voice matters. That’s why we’d love you to join us and help shape the direction in which we move. From a micro to a macro scale, our goal is to unite people, both within their local communities and globally.

Our vision is of a world in harmony, restored and renewed. We believe this can best be achieved by a holistic co-operative approach to the challenges facing the people of Earth today – especially in relation to the environment, housing, nutrition, health, education and commerce.

Save the Earth

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Calling All Crowdfunder Contributors

Are you one of the generous individuals who donated towards our crowdfunder in Summer 2016? Thanks to you, we exceeded our first target of £4500 in just 42 days. Without your help, it wouldn’t have been possible to incorporate Save the Earth Co-operative.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, is hugely appreciated. That’s why, when you become a member of Save the Earth, we’ll send you voucher codes corresponding to the amount you pledged which you can redeem in our online shop. From Save the Earth t-shirts and mugs to aromatherapy products and himalayan salt lamps, take a look at what we have to offer.

We’ve also designed a limited edition poster featuring everyone who got involved with the crowdfunder. Can you spot your face below?

Save the Earth

If you pledged £72 or more to our crowdfunder, the great news is that you’re eligible for a year’s Guardian Membership to Save the Earth at NO EXTRA COST!!

To take advantage of this, simply CLICK HERE and sign to up to a free Supporter Membership. We’ll upgrade your account to Guardian status so you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to discounted environmentally-friendly products from our ethical online shop with up to 20% discounted tickets to our festivals and eco holidays.
  • Invitations to attend Save the Earth business networking events.
  • Have your vote on all aspects of what we do, from electing Trustees and Management Board Members to choosing the projects, or even suggesting some projects yourself.
  • Democratic Governance – one member one vote.
  • Patronage-based dividends, divided equally so everyone benefits.
  • Entry into the Co-operative’s monthly cash raffle.
  • Turn your ethical ideas into businesses and become a creator with our support.

Save the Earth

Become a Member of Save the Earth 

Of course, membership isn’t just for those who played a part in our crowdfunder – everyone is welcome! Simply CLICK HERE to explore the options and choose the package that best suits you. 
Save the Earth

The Story So Far …

Save the Earth

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November 2015: Save the Earth’s Facebook Group is established, swiftly amassing over 20,000 followers worldwide.

May 2016: The co-operative’s eight founders from across the globe convene via Skype for their first board meeting, with weekly virtual gatherings ever since.

June 2016: Save the Earth’s website goes live, providing a platform for a transatlantic network of writers, contributing inspiring articles to its blog.

July 2016: Via Crowdfunder.co.uk, Save the Earth appeal for £4,500 to incorporate their organisation and further develop their website, adding a membership portal and a shop selling ethical products.

August 2016: The Crowdfunder exceeds its target, raising £4578.50, thanks to 85 supporters. Notable gratitude is extended to Tom Newton, who generously donated £1000.

September 2016: The organisation’s not-for-profit foundation is established.

November 2016: The co-operative wing of the initiative is incorporated.

February 20167: Save the Earth launch their Ethical Business Network, an initiative through which ethical companies can gain invaluable exposure and endorsement through signing up as Creator Member Companies of the co-operative.

Meet Our Board Members 

Each month, we are shining the spotlight on one of our board members, beginning with the co-operative’s founder, Emlyn.

Emlyn Mousley 
Save the Earth

Originally from Burton-upon-Trent, UK, Emlyn now lives in Nottingham with his wife and two kids. He describes his life so far as colourful! From welding to merchant banking, managing sales teams to sitting on the boards of numerous companies, his work has taken him on travels far and wide. Throughout Europe, Asia and North America, he was fortunate enough to meet many inspiring people and put his interpersonal skills to great use, carving out a lucrative career.

But Emlyn reached a point when chasing the big bucks lost its appeal. “I took stock and asked myself: What is life all about?” he says. One thing was for sure – keeping up with the Joneses wasn’t the answer – surely there were broader terms through which to define success?

That was when ideas for a humanitarian project began to percolate. “I started planning a revolution that made sense,” Emlyn says. “I  realised that in order to make changes in this world you need masses of people … after a couple of years, I reached the stage where I felt confident enough to begin sharing my ideas for a people’s co-operative.” Encouragingly, others we keen to play a part in this and Emlyn’s brainchild was born, named Save the Earth.

With seven additional founder members on board, the team established a fair and democratically-designed core structure with the co-operative at its centre, as well as a not-for-profit foundation to carry out its humanitarian initiatives.

“I want to be able to say to my kids and grandkids that I stood up and did something,” Emlyn says. “We only have a short life, and we are caretakers of this earth, so surely our mission in life is to leave this world in a better state than when we found it.”

Emlyn loves: Family, nature, British pubs, scuba diving, Roman history. Emlyn hates: Corporations and government policies that pollute the planet, people in power who have access to a two-tier justice system. Emlyn’s heroes: Nikola Tesla, Rosa Parks. Jacques Fresco, people who show empathy and courage. Emlyn’s favourite films: Last of the Mohicans, The Matrix, Avatar, Saving Private Ryan.

Save the Earth’s Ethical Business Network Launch

Save the Earth


No matter where in the world your company is located, whether you employ 1000 + staff or you are a sole trader, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to be part of a network of like-minded businesses who embrace ethical ideals.

Does your company sell ethical products or services, demonstrate sound ethical principles or make a positive contribution to society and / or the environment? Perhaps your business has signed up to a green or ethical scheme, such as the ISO 14001 Environment Management System? If your organisation has green credentials or aspires to embrace them, Save the Earth would love you to get on board with our initiative.

Save the Earth-  outstanding Newsletter - March 2017 1

Through becoming a Creative Member Company (CMC) of Save the Earth, we can offer your ethical business invaluable exposure and endorsement. Here are four key benefits:

1) Your CMC will receive an ethical business network marque logo for its website as visible approval from Save the Earth to your customers.

2) Save the Earth will feature your business in an editorial article on our blog and share it with our global audience.

3) Your CMC will be listed on the Ethical Business Network landing page of Save the Earth’s website, with links back to your own website.

4) Up to three nominated members of your CMC will be eligible to become Guardian Members of Save the Earth at no additional cost, enabling them to attend business networking meetings and vote in matters of the co-operative, as well as enjoying numerous other benefits, such as free entry into our monthly cash raffle.

If you take advantage of our Creator Membership in 2017, your business can reap all these rewards for just £250 per annum (+ VAT if applicable at the time). Furthermore, if you sign up within this time period, we can renew your membership at this rate for subsequent years. Prices will rise significantly from 2018 onwards, so don’t miss your chance to snap up our special offer at this limited introductory price.

Ready to Sign Up?

Save the Earth-  outstanding Newsletter - March 2017 2

Need to Know More?

Find out more about the benefits of becoming a Creator Member Company, or drop us a line HERE.

Save the Earth

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