How to Save the Environment – Clean Air.

Climate Change is Real and Humans Play a Role.

Climate change is not a figment of the imagination of some left wing radical looking to cause trouble for hard working people. It is a real natural process that has been operating on the planet Earth since its birth. It is something that is measurable, and thus, cannot be denied. Greenhouse gases play a big role in forcing climate change, many of which the Earth produces on its own. However, in the past two hundred years, the production of these gases has increased dramatically as humans have taken up the use of fossil fuels.


Holistic Management

Holistic Management

Clean Air is Vital

The most common greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide, and it is a direct byproduct of the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas. Scientific data shows that human use of fossil fuels has negatively affected the Earth’s natural balance and threatens to throw the Earth’s entire ecosystem out of order. Already, weather patterns have begun to change, animals have altered millennia long behavioral patterns, wildfires are burning entire habitats to the ground, and human crops are failing in record droughts. Things must change. Here are some ways you can help by keeping the Earth’s air clean. -Environment



Underground Greenhouses

Practical Tips on Ways to Save the Earth

  • Everyone that owns a house likes to keep it looking nice year round. When you paint your house, instead of using oil based paints which release hydrocarbon gases into the atmosphere, use safer latex paints. -Environment


  • If you own an automobile, make sure that you take it to the shop for tune ups on a regular basis. A vehicle that is kept in operational condition emits fewer pollutants into the air.


  • When you are fueling up your automobile, do not top off the tank. Topping off the tank causes spillage, which emits hydrocarbon gases into the atmosphere.


  • Whenever you have the opportunity, keep your car parked. Walk, ride you bicycle, or make use of public transit. When your vehicle burns gasoline in its internal combustion engine, it produces harmful gasses as a byproduct. This contributes to smog and damages the Earth’s atmosphere.



Save the Earth

Save the Earth

  • Conserve energy in your home. When you are not home, turn off your lights and turn the vent down. When are not using an appliance, unplug it. This will save you money on your utility bill, but it will also reduce the strain on any local coal burning power plants, which release countless harmful gases into the atmosphere.


  • In places around the world, it is illegal to burn your garbage and other yard waste. If it is legal where you live, refusing to do it can help clean up the Earth’s atmosphere. Burning your garbage and yard waste releases harmful gasses into the atmosphere, as well as, molds and other contaminants that can aggravate allergies and cause respiratory problems


  • When, and wherever you can, plant a new tree or some other form of vegetation. Plants feed on carbon dioxide, one of the primary greenhouse gases. Their primary byproduct is oxygen, which keeps us and the rest of our Earth companions breathing.

These are just some ways in which we can help. Please leave your comments below and join us in taking action.


Save the Earth Co-operative is made up of people just like you – we are owned by our members and run by our members. We focus on environmental issues, wildlife, regeneration of ecosystems, sustainable eco energy, clean water and food. Our aim is to encourage individuals, businesses and governments to go green and leave the world a better place for future generations.


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