Planet Earth II

After ten years in the making, the BBC have finally released Planet Earth II. The first week’s theme is islands – featuring a lonely sloth, fighting komodo dragons, and deadly snakes to name just a few.


planet earth II


When Planet Earth first started, it was unbelievably ground-breaking because of its high quality camera work and its in-depth look at extraordinary and sometimes unknown species.  This series uses the most up-to-date technology and its budget superseded previous ones by a considerable amount.

David Attenborough is a national and international icon for some people. Many who care about conservation are educated and inspired by his wildlife documentaries. At the age of 90, he’s releasing his newest six episode series. As always it aims to encourage conservation, so, naturally, here at the Save the Earth Cooperative, we couldn’t be more excited!!!


planet earth II



Planet Earth II Trailer

Here’s the trailer for you to see what in store in Planet Earth II. The new series is showing in the UK on BBC1 on Sundays, 8pm. For the rest of us, we’ll have to wait a while, unfortunately …


planet earth II

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