Save the Earth Seeks New Writers

Save the Earth … on first glance, it sounds like the remit of a superhero.

“How could I possibly save the earth?” I said to myself. “Half the time I’m writing, I struggle to remember to save my documents, let alone the planet!”

Save the earth

Save the earth – writers-opportunities-blog-nature

In a world with seven billion people, it was hard to image how I, a mere drop in the ocean, could ever make a difference … but I was restless, and thought that if I was going to dive headfirst into a challenge, it might as well be one that saturated my interests.

Think Positive – Think Save the Earth

So, I thought about the positives … I’m passionate about environmental issues, both globally and locally. I try, wherever possible, to live a greener life … even small efforts I make day-to-day, such as ensuring I stick the right things in the right bins makes a difference, right?

And another positive … I love writing – it helps me make sense of stuff I care about. It provides me with the opportunity to engage with people. It enables me to share ideas with others and, in turn, learn from them.

Save the earth

Save the earth -writers-needed-blog

Get Involved – Why Not?

By this point, I had no excuse not to get involved with the Save the Earth Co-operative. They’re a fresh organisation calling out for new writers and I’m a writer calling out for opportunities – win-win.

I got in touch with Save the Earth, and told them that I was intrigued to know more about their objectives. Immediately, they reached out to me and made it easy for me to get a feel for the Co-operative’s passions and directives, through its website, social media and one-on-one interaction.

The goal was clear – write more thought-provoking articles, gain a wider audience, cultivate interest, grow membership.

Save the earth

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How Much Experience Do I Need? 

Whether you’re an experienced writer with a wide publication history or a fledgling writer hoping to build up your portfolio, your enthusiasm for ecological and societal issues is what counts most. If you can convey that zest in your writing, have a strong command of the English language and know your way around WordPress, we can share your articles on our blog and to the 20,000 members in our Facebook Group.

Okay … So What’s In It For Me?

Save the Earth can’t pay per article, but we do add a “Make a Donation” button to every article published so that our audience are able to show their support with a donation amount of their choice. Once your cut reaches £20, we will either send you a cheque or transfer this amount into your PayPal account. STE take 20% commission on all donations to cover finance and administration costs. While this won’t make you an overnight millionaire, we hope that you’ll consider the publication of your work the best publicity money can(‘t) buy – a good link/clip for your writing résumé, a contribution to your community and a global audience for your voice.

Save the earth

Save the earth- writers-needed-blog


How Can I Make a Difference?

Here’s the difference with Save The Earth – we’re a co-operative. Therefore, every individual who collaborates with us is treated equally. You might be one voice among billions, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t truly valued.

Whether you’re enthused by renewable energy, care about conserving wildlife, have a passion for nature programmes or know of a local hero or cause that deserves to be celebrated, we’d love you to get in touch. Together, we can stand up and be counted – and with our membership growing day-by-day, you can help add to our collective voice.

Our aim is to stimulate conversation, using new writers’ contributions as a springboard to explore topics that matter – those which can truly drive change. Yes, we’re all drops in the ocean, but as a co-operative, we can create one almighty wave!

Save the earth

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Tell Me More

So … if you want to know more about becoming a writer for Save the Earth, get in touch! Whether you wish to contact us via social media or Click Here and leave us a message, we’re waiting to hear from you.

Save the Earth


  1. Lindsey Stowell Smith on January 14, 2017 at 7:57 am

    Hey guys- count me in. Am all about looking after the Earth that looks after us- trying every day to remember that mantra of mine and then steadily drip feeding that mantra to the people in my life .

    If you allowed me to join your cooperative I won’t promise pieces from me every week but what I can offer is peices from me at a local level of raising awareness/ what’s happening and how I and those around me are trying to be kind to our Earth .

    There will be the occasional- OMG POW moments of discovery . You will feel my passion and astonishment- my thinking is if it amazes me , chances are it will amaze a few others.

    Overall: my philosophy is a bit like the story : one bee of protest- nobody takes any notice. Whole swarm of protesting bees heading towards and you run. We as lonesome voices come together an become that swarm – for the common good , for the Earthly good

    • Anna Cotton on February 8, 2017 at 12:00 pm

      Hi Lindsey,
      Thanks for getting in touch! If you are interested in becoming a blog contributor for Save the Earth, please drop me a line at and I can send you some more information.
      Kind regards,
      Anna, Senior Editor, Save the Earth

  2. Cath on February 7, 2017 at 10:11 am

    Hi Save the Earth !
    I would love to be part of the mission to spread the word on topics that push humanity forward to be planet earth warriors. I truly believe that positive words of wisdom create momentum, like the snowball that gets bigger when rolling downhill. I have noticed that there are more comments from folks that are more on the lines of “we can do this” particularly in relation to renewable energy and just been smarter with engineering; using nature to do the work for you.
    My particular gift is seeing and looking for solutions. I don’t spend time mulling over what’s wrong. I exclaim what is right and if my words touch the heart of even a few, my job is done. I believe we can work with Mother Earth as she teaches us about enduring resilience. She is so strong, we need to know that.

    • Anna Cotton on February 8, 2017 at 12:00 pm

      Hi Cath,
      Thanks for getting in touch! If you are interested in becoming a blog contributor for Save the Earth, please drop me a line at and I can send you some more information.
      Kind regards,
      Anna, Senior Editor, Save the Earth

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