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The Save The Earth Co-Operative

Welcome to Save the Earth, the People’s Co-Operative – designed by the people, for the people of this world where our goal is to broaden our base around the globe as we become truly international. The term “Co-Operative” doesn’t just describe how we work or how we conduct ourselves, like “collaborative” or “shared-economy”. It is a legal entity, a nationally-regulated alternative form of enterprise ownership and we are now registered in the UK as a multi-stakeholder company limited by guarantee, having adopted co-operative principles. Our registration is with Companies House in England, Registered Number 10502602, and our Registered Office is in Nottingham, UK, although our membership already extends across the world.
Just like any other business, the governance and ownership rights are all outlined extensively in the organizational documents and we are managed by an elected Board of Trustees and a Management team. The key difference is in how we are controlled, when compared to any standard organisation. In a typical corporation majority control goes to whoever or whatever owns the majority of voting stock (the shares); in a Co-Operative, however, control is in in the hands of the voting Patron-Member owners, like you and me – one member, one vote.
Co-Operative ownership can take many forms. To give Save The Earth Co-Operative the very best chance to grow and be able to influence the marketplace we have been structured and registered as a “Co-Operative”. This structure means that we are permitted to use the Co-Op logo on our website and our documents, which recognises that our members work together in formal co-operation, balancing the wellbeing of each individual member, class, and the organization as a whole.
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