Are you an ethical business?

Many business owners today ask themselves “why should we become an ethical business?”

Well, there are far too many reasons to list them all here but these are the main areas you might be concerned about: Environment Employees Energy Usage & Efficiency Ethics – oh, and giving back to your local Community.


Most companies do this by implementing a “code of ethics” or they might have an Ethical and Environmental code of conduct. Our Ethical Business Network is specifically set up to work with you, helping to promote green businesses and helping YOUR business (and employees and customers) to become more ethically minded. Why not join us today?


EBN is operated by the Save the Earth Cooperative, so it’s not owned by a few private shareholders it is owned by all the members including you. So we are all co-owners and all have a vested interest in promoting business and becoming more ethical at the same time. As a member of both EBN and Save the Earth Coop, you can have a say in how things are run.


As well as being promoted across our network of 30,000 plus social media followers and subscribers our website generates on average 25,000 page views a month via the great content we provide. You also will get discounts for events and promotions we offer as well as a free press release service across our brand. Check out our full benefits in the FAQ’s section below


As well as the usual business networking and staying up to date with the latest green policies and initiatives businesses can adopt. We also carry out campaigns locally and nationally that your organisation can be involved in..  this is great for PR and getting you noticed in your community and shows you are committed to supporting ethical practices and practising what you preach.



Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Ethical Business Network

Save the Earth’s website currently receives 300-500 unique page views per day, which amount to around 10,000 unique views per month. As we grow and publish more blog articles and increase our general membership, this figure is expected to grow to 50,000-100,000 verified page views per month by the end of 2017.

  • All new CMC members will be announced in our monthly digital newsletter that will be linked back to your website or chosen offer or destination. You will receive x1 quarter page advert as a joining bonus.
  • 45% of our hits come from the UK, 40% from the United States, 10% from Canada and Australia with the remaining 5% from the rest of the world.
  • The CMC receives an “Ethical Business Network” marque logo which they can use on their website and in their company literature to promote the fact they have “green credentials” and are working with us to benefit society, either within their local community or across the world as a whole.
  • Save the Earth will publish new product launches, press releases and general updates to our blog and social media networks free of charge, subject to the CMC providing the content, limited to a maximum of one publication per month.
  • Save the Earth social media networks have over 25,000 active followers and readers of our daily posts and activities, mainly across Facebook GroupFacebook PageTwitterPinterest and Linkedin. Our followers are expected to boom over the next 12 months when our other campaigns come online.
  • Subject to agreement, the CMC’s products or services will be offered in the Save the Earth online shop.
  • CMC’s will be invited to Save the Earth events nationally and internationally to demonstrate its products or services at a 30% discount to normal concessions. Additionally, businesses in the educational and teaching sectors will be invited to develop products and services under our joint venture scheme.
  • CMC’s will be invited to participate in ethical business networking meetings once they arrive in your area, and will be offered special advertising rates on all promotional material used in the ethical business networking meetings, even if you cannot attend meetings, or events have not yet started in your local areas.
  • All CMC members will have first refusal on sponsorship of the events, initiatives and activities that Save the Earth manages throughout the year. These can be great for brand awareness and getting your products or services in front of like-minded customers.
  • All CMC members will also have the opportunity to advertise at substantial discounts on the Save the Earth website via banners, our shop, e-shots and newsletters, along with other opportunities we will offer from time to time. Members will also have access to our marketing services.

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