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Save Our Environment :

Information on Save Our Environment

Our natural surroundings gives us every little thing that we should ever require. Nature provides everything that we need. We obtain air, water, whatever, and also food from the environment.


Save Our Environment

Save Our Environment

Why Should We Save Our Environment?

1. Climate change is a severe ecological problem. The continuation of co2 emissions by thermal power producing systems is the one of the main reasons for the rise in greenhouse gases.

2. Resource scarcity.  If the natural deposits of oil, coal, and so on are utilized at such exponential rates, someday soon the earth might just give up on us.

3. Top-level ecological contamination is damaging to animals and also to human wellness.

4. Forests are quick diminishing. It is creating soil erosion and drought. It also exacerbates flooding as seen recently with the Haiti disaster in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

5. Too much use of  chemicals as well as soil contamination has actually adversely influenced the soil quality. With poor soil,  your veggies and also fruits are not really healthy and balanced nutritionally.

Information on How to Save Our Environment – Some Tips

1. We need to save water. Water is a priceless element of our environment. One toilet flush equates to about 5 gallons of water so think again before flushing your loo too often! Turn off your taps while brushing your teeth. Don’t waste a drop of water.

2. We must never ever contaminate water. We need more initiatives to implement considerable decreases in both commercial as well as residential water wastage.

3.  As much as is humanly possible, we must reuse waste rather than endlessly buying brand-new things. We have to separate commercial and also residential waste into recyclables as well as non-recyclables prior to being thrown out and we should support minimum and zero-waste initiatives like the Real Junk Food Project and  Original Unverpackt in Berlin

4. There must be an absolute ban on deforestation and a plan for truly sustainable logging to include the needs of all life. Every one people could contribute to the conserving of the environment by planting one tree per month. Trees, along with the soil, are our greatest allies in the fight to save our environment.

5. We could make contributions to NGOs and initiatives such as the Earth Reforestation Project that are participating in growing trees, or in any-way functioning efficiently in the direction of conserving the environment. Alternatively, join the Save the Earth Cooperative as a member and start an initiative with us.

6. Much safer ecological cars, motorbikes and also lorries need to be made use of. For short trips, individuals can walk or cycle instead. This is also good for human wellness.

7. We should avoid using environmentally hostile products such as plastic. Hemp is a great alternative to plastic and it is an all-round good guy when it comes to healing the ecosystem too.

8. Tipping rubbish in lakes, fish ponds or rivers are naturally a no-no. Who does that anyway?

9. A whole lot of ecological issues would certainly go away if we quit making use of  fossil fuels for power generation. The usage of sustainable power resources ( solar, wind, small hydro, geothermal etc) would certainly aid in conserving the environment from total disaster.

10. Look at introducing permaculture principles onto your land, into your home and perhaps even into your business. By taking on permaculture ethics and applying the principles to your lives, you can make the transition to becoming responsible caretakers of the earth. Here’s a FREE DOWNLOAD on The Essence of Permaculture


Save the Earth 2

Save the Earth 2

Is there anything you’d like to add to this list? Please add your comments below! 

Just how the Save the Earth Cooperative works. slogan : Save the world and be good to yourself- Save Our Environment

Save Our Environment

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