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17 Ways to Help Protect the Environment

17 Ways to Help Protect the Environment 1

17 Ways to Protect the Environment  Here is a list of ways to help the environment. You can do some, all, or none. I am just trying to make some kind of impact and if my ideas can inspire at least one person to make a change then I think it is a mission accomplished.…

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Save Food, Save Earth – New Business Models

17 Ways to Help Protect the Environment 2

Save Food Save Earth – Innovative Business Models All round the globe, a new age of low-impact grocery stores, cafes, and micro-businesses are changing the way we do business. A concerted movement to save food, reduce waste and to save money has been born. Many are motivating us to reconsider just how we shop and…

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How to Save Earth – Work With Nature

17 Ways to Help Protect the Environment 3

How to Save Earth? Every Action Must Have a Reaction Every action, whether or not we’ve chosen it consciously, carries with it a set of principles and intentions. This ties in to the laws of Karma ( the Sanskrit word for action) and the “scientific” alternative in Newton’s law that ‘every action must have a reaction’. We only…

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Hemp and How it Can Help Save the Earth

17 Ways to Help Protect the Environment 4

Image Magalie L’Abbé / Flickr (Creative Commons License) Can Hemp Help Save the Earth?  First, Let’s Get the Facts Straight Industrial hemp is an entirely different strain of hemp to the plant required to produce marijuana. This is despite the fact that many governments make almost no distinction. Crazy, right? When compared with other well-known…

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The Case for Building Yourself Underground Greenhouses

17 Ways to Help Protect the Environment 5

Underground Greenhouse – A Growing Demand for Safe, Healthy Food. There is a growing demand for safe, healthy food.  But many of us have little space to grow healthy natural food in nutrient-rich soil. In today’s world we need to seek techniques which will certainly conserve power, decrease air pollution, and allow us to grow…

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What is Forest Gardening?

17 Ways to Help Protect the Environment 6

Forest Gardening in Response to Population Growth We humans are currently experiencing exponential population growth, land degeneration, and also food shortages around the earth. Every one of these issues can be addressed by including food-bearing and non food-bearing forest trees right into your garden culture. Forest yards will allow you to expand all your very…

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How to Make Your Own Soaps

17 Ways to Help Protect the Environment 7

Image courtesy of Soapy Soaps Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license How to Make Soap At Home Is it feasible to make your own soap at home? Have you ever tried it? Certainly it’s a way of avoiding harmful chemicals and unethical additives hidden in plain sight on the labelling in the supermarkets. But how…

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Edible Plastic That is Better for Food Safety, Protection, and Planet

17 Ways to Help Protect the Environment 8

Photo courtesy of Zab Milenko at English Wikipedia – Under Creative Commons License Edible Plastic Alternative Here at the Save the Earth Cooperative we have long been talking about the need for solutions to the proliferation of plastics for food packaging and preservation. Everywhere we look all we see is plastic in the supermarket, in…

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The Importance of Renewable Energy

17 Ways to Help Protect the Environment 9

Importance of Renewable Energy “Either we get responsible with what the Earth has given us, or we sit back, relax, and watch billions of years of evolution die right before our very eyes.” – Kent Allen Halliburton Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that is collected from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale.…

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