What is Meditation and How is it Good for Us?

So, there are plenty of benefits to meditation to read online. Yet there is very little clear description on how it is useful and easy to learn in the modern world.

Basically, most of us do not realise that we have aspects of our nature not in harmony with each other. I like to think of the human experience as a whole bunch of creative energies. These naturally want to run harmoniously together as one ‘multi-faceted’ energy. This is our life force. When all the energies are all flowing harmoniously together we feel ‘good’. We are able to enjoy relaxing whilst doing things, we have plenty of time for others, and we easily get in to genuinely satisfying creative flow states with clear inspired thinking (Meditation)






Fear and Anxiety in the Modern World

Unfortunately, our modern human world is charged with fear and anxiety. This is accompanied by so many horrendous stories the media feeds us each day.  The pressure of day to day living pushing against our sensibilities leaves very little room for hopeful visions of the future to form in our minds. People often get weighed down with feelings of failure. Or they scrape themselves along the competitive edge trying to get on top of things.

Hijacked by our own senses, all too often this leads to depression or manic behaviour of some kind. So often we are taken over by angry outbursts and feelings of rejection and hurt.  Because of this we fail to realise that we can learn to manage our psycho-emotional state. We can end up with far better outcomes and quality of life.

Negative Behaviour is not Innate

Too many people still believe that old patterns of negative behaviour are genuine aspects of their nature. This is a mistake in modern thinking, because we now know the human neurology is naturally designed to favour enjoyable creative peaceful states, with feelings of bonding and connectedness to others.

In fact, modern science reveals that we are hardwired to require the illusion of powerful security around us as children to emotionally flourish and grow. Without these, insecurities develop that the adult mind rationalises and almost demands from the adult relationships formed. This leads to all sorts of fear based behaviours such as a fear of abandonment  or attachment, jealousy, arrogance or inhibited self-confidence.





Time-Stealing Negative Feelings

These sorts of feelings are not only time consuming. They are stealing precious ‘life’ time in order to feel ‘bad’ in some way. These ‘bad’ feelings are depleting the sensations of enthusiasm and inspiration, love and well-being. They rob us of sensations that feed our senses allowing us to feel we are welcome to earth and invite us to drink freely from the fountains of life.

For the modern human, learning to meditate is a brilliant affordable way of taking the power back and getting your senses to harmonise. To begin with, regular meditation will establish a new habit of feeling good that your automatic nervous system will soon learn to enjoy.


So how to meditate becomes the obvious next question?-Meditation

Think of any worry that you can do nothing about really – nothing too pressing at first. Most of us have some silly concern that niggle’s at our senses. That sensation will do.

Then set aside some time for yourself. Find a comfortable place in which you will not be disturbed and settle yourself in a really comfortable position. Next close your eyes and notice that your body breathes. Become aware of the sensation of breathing happening in your body. The more you are aware of the natural flow of your breath the more you will notice your body relaxing.

Listening to the sound of your breath as you breathe in and then out will start relaxing your body even further.  As you continue to relax with nothing else to do, know you are doing something very powerful to create more peaceful living on planet earth… As you allow this other niggling sensation to start to rise in your awareness, keep breathing and relaxing and feel the sensation moving through you.





Keep Breathing and Relaxing

Sometimes listening to music that evokes a soulful sensation helps with this process. Keep breathing and relaxing until the niggling sensation rises through you eventually passing right through you. It does not matter what thoughts appear in your mind. Just let them pass and flow with the sensation of breathing and relaxing until you have rested enough for one day or your allotted time.  You are now recharged enough to carry on with your day.

Think of learning to allow your deeper feelings and sensations to flow through you releasing stuck or inhibited feelings. They don’t really go away.  Only consciously permitting them to move through your body allows the sensations to transform in to new energies as they flow back in. Often when we have done this a few times the old niggling sensations transforms in to deeper insights and even wisdom of some kind.


Image: Meditation by Moyan Brenn on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license.


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