How do I Meditate?

Think of any little worry you can do nothing about really, nothing too pressing at first. Most of us have some silly concern that niggle’s at our senses. That sensation will do. Then set aside some time for yourself and find a comfortable place you will not be disturbed, settle yourself in a really comfortable position close your eyes and notice that your body breathes.

Become aware of the sensation of breathing happening in your body, the more you are aware of the natural flow of your breath the more you will notice your body relaxing and listening to the sound of your breath as you breathe in and then out will start relaxing your body even further.

As you continue to relax with nothing else to do, know you are doing something very powerful to create more peaceful living on planet earth… as you allow this other niggling sensation to start to rise in your awareness, keep breathing and relaxing and feel the sensation moving through you. -Meditate



Meditate While Listening to Music

Sometimes listening to music that evokes a soulful sensation helps with this process. Keep breathing and relaxing until the niggling sensation rises through you eventually passing right through you… does not matter what thoughts appear in your mind just let them pass and flow with the sensation of breathing and relaxing until you have rested enough for one day or your allotted time for resting this way has passed and you are recharged enough to carry on with your day -Meditate.


Think of learning to allow your deeper feelings and sensations to flow through you as releasing stuck or inhibited feelings… they don’t really go away only consciously permitting them to move through your body allows the sensations to transform in to new energies as they flow back in and often when we have done this a few times the old niggling sensations transforms in to deeper insights and even wisdom of some kind.


Meditate and Give Yourself Time

Simply put, set time aside for yourself on purpose to meditate, name it ‘your time’. Get in to a comfortable position, become aware of your body breathing and listen to the sound of your own breath. Feel the sensation of your body relaxing and the sensation of breathing all the way in and out as you do.

Pay attention to any sensation or accompanying thoughts that arise by feeling them and allow the thought process just to pass on through your mind. Keep doing this for you allotted time just noticing the sensations you feel…. Do this a little each day, the more you do this the better you will become at freeing your mind from upsetting thought and gaining access to a more peaceful mind.


Just think if everybody in the world embraced this process how peaceful our human world could become. The fact that it is highly unlikely everybody in the world is going to wake up to this fact should not stop us because the more of us that decide to turn on peace in our bodies… the greater the peace there will be on earth today.


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