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Ten Top Tips for a Greener Household

Ten Top Tips for a Greener Household 1

A Greener Household A few simple changes can make your household a greener place. If you aspire to be kind to the planet, your health and your pocket, check out our ten top tips. How many are you incorporating?    1. On the Scent – Choose Essential Oils, Not Synthetic Air Fresheners In the UK, consumers spend nearly £400…

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Off-Grid Living 101

Off-Grid Living 101 11

“Escaping the rat race” is an ideal harboured by many and a phrase uttered repeatedly by myriad individuals. Perhaps you feel like a rat, stuck in a maze, racing around, hunting for sustenance and hungry for change? Life is too precious to waste feeling trapped, which drives us to consider ways of breaking free. For a growing…

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Van Life – Trend, or Necessity?

Van Life - Trend, or Necessity? 30

Van Life In search of a freer, more affordable and adventurous life with fewer monetary stresses and strains, Save the Earth blog contributor Gina Harrison decided to bite the bullet and live full-time in a van. This was a decision that was to change her life beyond recognition. Read on to discover how Gina escaped the…

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Ecovillages and Communal Living

Ecovillages and Communal Living 58

Have you ever thought of escaping the “rat race” and the stresses and strains of modern day life to pursue a calmer, sustainable, more social and spiritual existence? I think this might have crossed a lot of people’s minds at some point or another, and now, more and more people around the world are turning…

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Narrowboat Dreams-Do It Yourself

Narrowboat Dreams-Do It Yourself 72

Love or loathe DIY, if you want to turn your husk of a boat into a home and you’re on a tight budget, there’s no way of avoiding it. In the third of a series of features chartering aspiring narrowboaters Emma and Saxon’s dream to pursue a more flexible, freer life on the UK’s canals,…

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Narrowboat Dreams-Crunching the Costs

Narrowboat Dreams-Crunching the Costs 73

In the second of a series of features exploring Emma and Saxon’s journey to live a freer, more eco-friendly lifestyle on a narrowboat, they get to grips with the costs of their proposed new venture, experience their first taste of life on the UK’s canals and commit to a decision which will change their lives. Pursuing…

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Narrowboat Dreams–Escaping the Rental Trap

Narrowboat Dreams–Escaping the Rental Trap 74

In the first of a series of features following UK couple Emma and Saxon’s quest to live on a narrowboat, they share their experience of the crippling rental market and their compelling motivations as freelancers to break free and live a simpler, greener life.   It’s Life, But Not As You Know It Picture this:…

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