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Green Tiny Hobbit Homes

Following on from an earlier post on the trend towards tiny homes, we turn to a particular type of tiny home. Can you picture yourself living in a 400-square-foot tiny residence that is both energy-efficient and also environmentally friendly, yet boasts all the features of a traditional house? Magic Green Homes   produces such set-ups by utilizing prefabricated vaulted panels and also covering them with soil and foliage. The end result is an adaptable green-roofed living space reminiscent of a “Hobbit House” in Lord of the Rings.

Green Homes that you Can Build Easily.

These “Green Magic Homes” are made up of pre-made vaulted panels made with composite laminate products, confined by walls in compacted dirt. The framework is very easy to assemble and has perforated flaps in order to screw in and also secure the parts together. It sounds a bit like an IKEA self-assembly unit.

The designs can be adapted to any kind of kind of landscape as well as personalised to each person’s needs with this technology. What sounds so appealing is that buyers can start small and acquire additional panels later on. Starting off small with a module that you can live in and extending later is something which would appeal to those on a tight budget, for sure. On top of that, it allegedly takes only three people to assemble the framework in three days, without unique skills or much heavy equipment.

Here’s a video by Green Magic Homes on these tiny homes


This technology has its roots in various approaches of earth building and stabilization, such as superadobe and geotextiles. Composite ducts and also networks for electrical circuitry as well as pipes with mechanical ventilation ducts could be added at any point. The method aim with this kind of building and construction is to attain sufficient ventilation as well as water-proofing. These eco-friendly “Magic Homes” address this by a  brand-new means of solid, modular, waterproof internal coverings that work with the earth, rather than against it.
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