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Becoming a green consumer has irrefutable benefits and appeal, but for many of us, it’s not always straightforward or cost-effective. Family-run e-commerce company Green Bear UK are striving to change this, manufacturing and distributing natural and eco-friendly products that are kind to the planet, your body AND your pocket.

Their website offers a broad range of health and beauty products, green cleaning solutions and bamboo goods, made from wholly natural ingredients. Available to both commercial and domestic markets, Green Bear keeps mother nature at the heart of everything they do. The great thing is, what’s beneficial for the planet is beneficial for you as well.

Green Bear’s Partnership with Save the Earth

Green Bear UK are the latest company to get on board with Save the Earth Co-operative’s Ethical Business Network. It’s a place where businesses with green sensibilities can trade merchandise and services, as well as share ideas and inspiration, with both our ever-growing ethically-minded audience and each other.

To celebrate this collaboration, Save the Earth are turning the spotlight towards Green Bear and taking a closer look at at their ethos, background and innovative green products.


Family Values 
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Green Bear UK are a team in more ways than one – they’re a family. Run by Mike and Carin Knowlton along with their daughters Bianca and Tanya, their UK-based website has gone from strength to strength since its 2008 launch. This has replicated and built on the success their sister company enjoy in the Netherlands, trading as Groene Beer (the Dutch name for Green Bear) since 1993.

Originally, the Knowlton family’s intention was simply to create an English version of the website to broaden the customer base, but as Mike explains, “Groene Beer sent over some product samples and they were so good, we decided we wanted a play a greater part in the venture. We realised we could supply at a reasonable price with Groene Beer’s affiliation and manufacture some of the products ourselves to keep costs low.” These savings, of course, are passed on to their customers and by keeping production local to the Knowlton’s home town of Poole, this helps to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Green Bear’s values are clear – they only design, produce and sell products with strong environmental advantages over their like-for-like counterparts. They champion only non-toxic and environmental friendly cleaning and beauty products – after all, what’s the point in using toxic, chemical-based products when the natural products will do a better job without the toxicity?

Prior to the 1930s, the use of chemicals in factories to produce cleaning and beauty products was virtually unheard of. By manufacturing only chemical-free products, Green Bear are playing their part to bring this full-circle. 

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What sets Green Bear apart is its genuine passion and commitment towards finding the most accessible and simple ways for everyday people to embrace green living at an affordable price tag. Originally set up for trade and industry, supplying companies such as Lush and Virgin Atlantic, Green Bear constantly strive to improve their products and make them available to the public at a cost that won’t break the bank. “We have a strong eco ethos, incorporating solar energy into our production process and using LED lighting on light sensors,” Mike says. “We have also set up a GBPro trade mark and many of our products now have the EU EcoLabel.”

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Supporting Giant Panda Bears

Mike describes the Cancer Trust, the Macmillan Trust, the Red Cross and the British Legion as charities close to his heart, but Groene Beer is perhaps best known for supporting the Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding in China.


For the past seven years, the company has donated 1% of its profits to this worthy cause and has adopted one of the centre’s pandas. Once an endangered species, giant pandas have recently been downgraded from ‘endangered’ to ‘vulnerable’ on the global list of species at risk of extinction and the Chengdu base has played a significant role in this.


The unique centre, which incorporates a theme park, is the only one in the world devoted to breeding giant pandas through relocating them to a man-made environment with an imitation outdoor ecological landscape.


Green Bear

Green Bear

Cleaning the Green Way – Alternative Solutions

Not only are regular cleaning products draining our purses, but research has shown that they often contain toxic chemicals which can build up in our bodies over time. Every time you use these unnatural products, you are inhaling the fumes they emit, especially if your environment is poorly ventilated. Without rubber gloves, the products will sink into your skin too.

Green Bear’s alternative solutions provide a more natural way to stay on top of the cleaning and prevent germs spreading.


From eco-friendly surface cleaners to natural disinfectants, if you’re an animal lover you can shop with a clear conscience, knowing Green Bear’s products will cause no harm to wildlife when they find their way from your drain into estuaries and rivers.

Also available are a wealth of cleaning accessories – in fact Groene Beer were the first company to introduce the microfibre cloth to the public, back in 1997.


Green Bear


Keeping it Natural – Health and Beauty

Green Bear

Green Bear

What’s the latest hot trend in beauty? Going green! Green Bear have a range of beauty products that are not only kind to the environment, but will work wonders for your skin and hair. Take their suncare products, for example – instead of synthetic chemical ingredients, they contain natural zinc oxide to soothe and protect your skin. Zinc oxide is the only ingredient that is FDA-recognised as having both UVB and UVA broadest-spectrum protection, as well as possessing therapeutic benefits.

Did you know that many industrially produced antiperspirants and deodorants contain large quantities of aluminium? This toxic substance has been attributed to a large variety of health issues, including breast cancer.


In fact, most breast cancers develop in the upper outer part of the breast area, closest to the armpit. Green Bear, however, sell only 100% natural organic deodorants, with your health and comfort their foremost priorities.

The Benefits of Bamboo

Natural and chemical-free, bamboo is 100% biodegradable and is grown without using chemical fertilisers or pesticides.


That’s why it’s the ideal choice for Green Bear, who offer a wide range of organic, eco-friendly bamboo products for the home and individuals of all ages. Click here to find out more about the benefits of Green Bear’s bamboo clothing or take a look at the items they have to offer.



Green Bear

Special Offers 
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Green Bear have many special offers on their site, which you can discover more about here.

You can also stay in the loop about future deals by following Green Bear on Facebook.


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