Get Spiders Out Without Killing Them

Spiders Rarely Bite But Be Careful


Some species of arachnids can cause anaphylactic shock in certain humans if bitten, but most spiders almost never bite humans unless provoked, molested or handled incorrectly. All spiders are venomous to a certain degree, but most will never bite humans apart from in the most exceptional of circumstances. This could be an unfortunate accident when coming into contact with spiders.

Letting the Spider Out 

This is why it is paramount to always check your shoes, gloves and clothing before you put them on. In addition, always check your garden shed, behind the curtains in drawers, cupboards or anywhere else that spiders may take up refuge. If you happen onto a spider in your home, get a jar and slip a piece of cardboard or paper under it. Once you have put the jar over the spider, just simply take him outside and let them go.


Below are some useful methods to free you home from unwanted spiders.

Method 1> Nudge the spider outside.


Open the door or window where the spider is near.

Find an object to block the spider’s path.

Guide the spider out.

Guide the spider over the threshold.

Throw the folder or paper out the door should the spider crawl onto it, that spider will soon find his own way off the paper/folder and into the garden where it will be safe.

Close the door or window once the spider is outside.

Method 2 > Place a cup over the spider.


Slip a piece of paper under the the cup containing the spider.

Lift the cup and the piece of paper.

Let the spider out of the cup outside of the door.

Gently sweep the spider onto a dustpan.

Gently tap the underside of the dustpan.

Release the spider outside.

Method 3 > Get a plastic bag. 


Put your hand inside the plastic bag grab the spider (this method is only applicable to small species of spiders. Many species in Australia or in the tropics have very big fangs which are highly venomous and can easily puncture through a plastic bag into your digits if the spider feels threatened, or is hurt in any way).

Gently grab the spider.

Turn the bag inside out.

Release the spider once you have taken it outside, it will soon run off into the garden.

Get spiders out without killing them by using one of these methods, and you are helping conserve the planet. Spiders are an essential part of the ecosystem and deserve to live as much as we do. We must do everything in our power to help restore balance to the earth. If we take care of the creatures, they will be able to do their job and take care of us! 

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