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Ten Top Tips for a Greener Household

Ten Top Tips for a Greener Household 1

A Greener Household A few simple changes can make your household a greener place. If you aspire to be kind to the planet, your health and your pocket, check out our ten top tips. How many are you incorporating?    1. On the Scent – Choose Essential Oils, Not Synthetic Air Fresheners In the UK, consumers spend nearly £400…

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What? My Homegrown Cabbages are Patented?!

What? My Homegrown Cabbages are Patented?! 11

This probably sounds like a completely ridiculous question, but I’m afraid this is not as far-fetched as it first appears. Whether you grow your own veggies or not, our whole food system is becoming monopolised and it could well be that those crunchy green cabbages you have grown are patented! If you eat fruit and…

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Growing Your Own Vertical Garden

Growing Your Own Vertical Garden 15

What is a Vertical Garden? A vertical garden is very similar to a vertical farm, which is the practice of producing food in vertically stacked layers, such as in a skyscraper, used warehouse, or shipping container. The modern ideas of vertical farming use indoor farming techniques and controlled-environment agriculture, or CEA technology, where all environmental factors…

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What is Vertical Farming?

What is Vertical Farming? 20

What is Vertical Farming? The term vertical farming was coined by Gilbert Ellis Bailey in 1915 in his book of the same name. He wrote about farming with a special interest in soil origin, its nutrient content, and the view of plant life as vertical life forms, specifically relating to their underground root structures. His use of the…

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How to Community Garden – A Beginner’s Guide

How to Community Garden - A Beginner's Guide 24

How to Start a Community Garden Task Force. 10 Save the Earth Cooperative guidelines that will enable you to start a garden community task force in your area.   Steps 1 -5     Join Save the Earth and we’ll set up a local Save the Earth Facebook group and invite other local members to…

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What are Permaculture Zones?

What are Permaculture Zones? 25

Image by Felix Müller under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. What are The Zones In A Permaculture Layout? Permaculture zones are the various grow zones in your permaculture set-up. We divide a permaculture plot into distinct but overlapping growing zones. Why do we do this? Well, the first reason is that the zones relate…

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What is Permaculture?

What is Permaculture? 26

Image: Claire Gregory’s suburban permaculture garden in Sheffield, UK, 2009 What is Permaculture? You may wonder “What is permaculture?”. Well, a fundamental idea in permaculture is observing and also complying with nature’s patterns. Permaculture advocates create human systems that rely upon organic ecological and social communities. Less ambiguous than the term “sustainability”, permaculture puts forward a…

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Holistic Management for Self Sustainability

Holistic Management for Self Sustainability 27

Holistic Management  – The often-overlooked framework for regenerative farming   Much promotion and publication has been given to Permaculture and forest gardening in recent years. Forest gardening is of course a very important concept, but we are still experimenting with the practical applications. I have implemented a few forest gardens and an important component is the…

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Easy Aquaponics?

Easy Aquaponics? 28

Image via Wikimedia Creative Commons Easy Aquaponics? Have you got fish tank? Then you could start growing food at home today. “Aquaponics” involves growing plants in water. The system of aquaculture is one in which the waste produced by fish or other aquatic animals provides nutrients to plants which you grow hydroponically. In addition, the…

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