With car-maker BMW celebrating their 100th anniversary, they have come up with  a model of the motorbike of the future. Furthermore, according to the team’s designers, this futuristic motorbike is not simply a theoretical design, it is almost ready for production. 

So what is this futuristic motorbike that everyone is talking about? 

“The Great Escape” or otherwise named BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100.

Firstly, it’s alleged to be so safe that riders won’t require helmets or protective clothing. The rider need only wear an eye visor  which provides vital information to the rider on the inside of it. Eye movement activates this capability, similar technology to Google Glass. Not only that, but it has clever technology that means it stands upright alone. And it decides how far to lean on its own using gyroscopic balancers, which is technology already partially available in the Segway, for instance.

But is this Vision Next 100 Good for the Earth?

This bike is said to be zero-emissions. This, we think naturally is a great advancement for planet , if it come to pass. It also knows the whereabouts of other lorries, cars and bikes and it knows, due to cloud-based info, what they’re about to do. Intelligent design of the future perhaps. So no more accidents? Good for people, that’s for sure.

How is it Zero-Emissions? 

The design relies on components made of carbon fibre, which are much lighter than contemporary vehicle parts. This way is reduces emission considerably. But BMW doesn’t say if it is electric or not. Or exactly how zero-emissions is achieved. So the jury is still out.

Interesting design – it looks like it drove right out of a sci-fi movie, but let’s see if it can become a zero-emission reality. We’ll be watching to see how they do it. It could be great…..


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