Entrepreneurs Sought For Ethical Community Projects

Do you have an idea for an Ethical Community Project? Save the Earth Co-operative can help!

Are you sick of the rat race?

Let’s face it – who isn’t? Working umpteen hours simply to pay the bills and trying in vain to shoehorn a meaningful life around this is an all too familiar scenario, which has somehow become the norm. Far too many of us feel chained to mindless dead-end jobs or put ourselves through untold stress day in day out, all to generate profits for the handful at the top – in the 21st century, surely this existence is absolute madness?

Perhaps you crave a more vocational way of making a living, but have dismissed this as a pipe dream? After all, if it were that simple, we’d already be doing it, right? Think again.

While bright ideas are ten a penny, transforming them into something tangible often requires collaboration. If we don’t have the right contacts or support, those ideas can be shelved indefinitely.

How can Save the Earth Co-operative help change this?

Save the Earth Co-operative’s core mission is to connect with environmentally conscious people who are passionate about making a difference in their local communities. We aim to establish and support projects within creative and artisan industries that will fulfil individuals’ lives and inspire the next generation.

Our co-operative is owned by its members and run for the benefit of our members. We strongly believe that local businesses should be run and owned by people within the community and that benefits are invested back into those communities.

If you have a burgeoning idea for a community-based project, we have an abundance of contacts and resources to help make your dream a reality. From developing business plans to grant and bid writing, accounting to crowd funding and marketing to advertising, the expertise at our central hub will free up precious time to enable you to concentrate on the practicalities of your project.

What kind of projects do Save the Earth Co-operative support?

As long as your idea is ethical, green and sustainable, we’re wholly open-minded. Are you a foodie who has always dreamed of setting up your own organic bakery or pay-as-you-feel café? Do you believe that your community would benefit from a leisure centre or solar farm? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to set up an animal refuge, a bird sanctuary or beehives to produce local honey, but you don’t know where to start – Save the Earth can assist you with the birds and the bees! Whether you’re interested in establishing a tree house building company or an eco village, no project is too big or small. If you’re in an urban area and would love to grow your own organic fruit and vegetables, we can help you set up a vertical farm or garden.

We can also support non-business initiatives such as guerrilla gardening projects, community walks and clean up campaigns, outreach to tackle loneliness and schemes to combat homelessness – if it benefits your community, it’s right up our street.

It’s crucial to consider that you and your team will oversee your project within your locality, for the benefit of your neighbourhood. Save the Earth are not seeking to back initiatives that exist primarily for private profit and share holding – all our co-operative’s members will co-own the business. Of course, as project manager, we expect you to pay yourself a viable income, but the key motivation behind your idea must be to create a sustainable venture that will generate jobs and / or unlock opportunities for people within your community.

Tell me about your current projects

In Nottingham, UK, Save the Earth Co-operative are launching the city’s first vertical farm, to supply the local community with organic salad leaves, fresh from the harvest to the plate within hours. Known as The Urban Leaf, the initiative will supply local families and business with fresh organic produce, reduce food miles, cut out the middleman and create local jobs. It doesn’t stop in Nottingham … our aim is to establish a sustainable business model and role out urban farms in other communities across the globe.

The Urban Leaf is a trading name of Save the Earth Co-operative. If you are interested in setting up and managing your own Urban Leaf vertical farm, get in touch!

We want to hear from you

Perhaps your idea is in its infancy and you need some advice on whether it’s feasible? On the other hand, you might already have formed a working group with friends and family who wish to be a part of your project and you’re raring to go.

Here at Save the Earth Co-operative we’re receptive to a vast array of projects. The best way to find out whether we’re a good fit is simply to contact us!Not only do we have a wealth of knowledge and experience, but we’re also straight talking – after all, no one likes being led up the garden path or bamboozled by business jargon.

How much does it cost?

After your initial call with us, if you feel that Save the Earth are best placed to back your idea and we have mutually agreed that your project is aligned with our policies, we ask that you become a member-owner of our co-operative. Guardian Membership costs just £72 per annum paid in advance, or £6 per month by direct debit. You can find out more about membership benefits here.

At this stage, we will also require a £395 entry-level capital contribution for each project.

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What will I get for my £395?

In a nutshell, incredible value!

Perhaps the thought of formulating a business plan fills you with dread? A step-by-step guide can help point you in the right direction, and so can Save the Earth – if you know what you wish to achieve and can write this in draft form, we will use our expertise to create a professional, structured business plan with a three-year projected cash flow and an actionable profit and losses strategy. We will also advise you on how best to implement this plan.

We all know that capital is needed to kick-start any project and that money doesn’t grow on trees. Our skilled grant and bid writers will work with you to secure that capital. We also have a proven track record of obtaining considerable sums through crowd funding, so if you’re prepared to invest your time and energy, we can significantly boost your chances of financial investment.

Consider that if you sought to acquire these services on the high street, an accountant would charge at least £2000 to write a business plan, with the average cost of writing or bid standing at £500. And the benefits don’t stop there …

We will create social media pages and a website to promote your Save the Earth project. We’ll also handle all your PR and marketing campaigns across our social media network and advise you on any appropriate training needed to develop your required skillset.

Where do I go from here?

Drop us a line and let’s get the ball rolling! We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and you’re under absolutely no obligation to commit. If you prefer talking to typing, we can arrange a phone or Skype call with you, at your convenience.

Here at Save the Earth Co-operative we’re well aware that no two communities are the same – each has their own dynamics and areas of need, but we can help you fulfil your community’s needs, wherever in the world you are!

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