Welcome to the Ethical Business Network Directory


This page is a directory of Save the Earth Co-operative’s creator members. All the businesses listed below have joined our co-operative as fully-paid members and support the co-operatives aims, vision and mission statement. They are committed to conducting business as ethically as possible, to supporting their local communities and working towards making Earth and greener, healthier planet.

So what are ethical businesses and why should we support them? It’s a two-way street – they are ethical (or doing ethical things) and so are we, so here’s an opportunity to showcase them so that you can give them your support, safe in the knowledge we are all trying to do the right thing …

All businesses on the planet can play a role in becoming ethical and more eco-minded. Save the Earth Co-operative’s Ethical Business Network was set up to shine a light on these businesses in recognition of making better ethical and sustainable business choices, whether that means committing to zero carbon trading, recycling waste, making energy savings via onsite installations of solar, wind or bioenergy, planting trees and regreening land, creating mini ecosystems, using natural materials and non-harmful chemicals, reducing pollution or cleaning up our environments and communities. If your company has signed up to ISO 14001 Environment Management System (EMS) or any other internationally recognised green or ethical scheme, we’d love to hear from you.

It’s not simply about the individual choices we make – it matters that we support local businesses who make better choices, in most cases at no additional cost. These businesses who choose to become more green, ethical and sustainable need our help and support. Take a look at the members below and click on them, visit their websites and purchase their products and services – especially if you already use a similar product that you can substitute with an ethical alternative.

If you’re an ethical business and wish to become a Save the Earth Creator Member then click here to check out some great benefits.


Our Creator Members