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Ten Top Tips for a Greener Household

Ten Top Tips for a Greener Household 1

A Greener Household A few simple changes can make your household a greener place. If you aspire to be kind to the planet, your health and your pocket, check out our ten top tips. How many are you incorporating?    1. On the Scent – Choose Essential Oils, Not Synthetic Air Fresheners In the UK, consumers spend nearly £400…

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How to Rainwater Harvest

How to Rainwater Harvest 11

Image By Adityamail (Own work) CC  3.0  via Wikimedia Commons How to Rainwater Harvest Rainwater harvesting is collecting and storing rain for your domestic usage. People have been using this technique for a long time. Many people in rural places throughout the world still use it. And now today, it is making a comeback as a…

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Make Some Changes and Save Environment

Make Some Changes and Save Environment 12

  Small Habitual Changes Add Up!  To help save the environment, lower your power, as well as water intake, transforming your consumer behaviour and also transport routines to save natural resources. By adjusting your home-life and also garden to be a lot more eco your life can also be more beautiful. Once you have adjusted…

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Soil 101 – The Basics

Soil 101 - The Basics 13

Photo credit: Joi Ito, Creative Commons. Soil Basics Soils are intricate mixes of minerals, water, air, organic matter, as well as numerous microorganisms that are the dead remnants of once-living things. It develops on the surface area of land and it is the “skin of the planet.” It is vital to support terrestrial plant life…

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Information on How to Save Our Environment

Information on How to Save Our Environment 14

Image Courtesy of Permaculture Principles Creative Commons Information on Save Our Environment Our natural surroundings gives us every little thing that we should ever require. Nature provides everything that we need. We obtain air, water, whatever, and also food from the environment. Why Should We Save Our Environment? 1. Climate change is a severe ecological problem.…

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17 Ways to Help Protect the Environment

17 Ways to Help Protect the Environment 15

17 Ways to Protect the Environment  Here is a list of ways to help the environment. You can do some, all, or none. I am just trying to make some kind of impact and if my ideas can inspire at least one person to make a change then I think it is a mission accomplished.…

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What is Earthbag Construction?

What is Earthbag Construction? 16

What is Earthbag Construction? An Earthbag construction is an inexpensive natural building technique. It’s a method of creating structures which we can build very quickly, are very strong, and are able to withstand a host of natural occurrences such as flooding. Bullet and blast resistant earthbag constructions can even withstand tornadoes and earthquakes. Earthbag construction…

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How to Save Earth – Work With Nature

How to Save Earth - Work With Nature 17

How to Save Earth? Every Action Must Have a Reaction Every action, whether or not we’ve chosen it consciously, carries with it a set of principles and intentions. This ties in to the laws of Karma ( the Sanskrit word for action) and the “scientific” alternative in Newton’s law that ‘every action must have a reaction’. We only…

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Gorillas – our Intelligent, Beautiful, Endangered Cousins

Gorillas – our Intelligent, Beautiful, Endangered Cousins 18

Gorilla Facts Gorillas are the largest apes and one of the three ape species genetically closest to humans (the others being chimpanzees and bonobos). They are intelligent and display empathy and emotions, such as grieving for their dead offspring. Gorillas are only found in the wild in central Africa, in countries like Democratic Republic of…

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