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My name is Tessa Patterson and I’m from Cheshire in the UK. I’ve joined Save the Earth Cooperative because I believe that the earth needs our help. Our world is slowly being poisoned, not just by the chemicals used in agriculture, but our land, oceans and rivers are polluted and full of plastics and other waste. As a result, animals, birds, insects and fish are dying.

Humans are in trouble too, and I think that our diet is responsible for a lot of the problems. The type of “food” most people eat today is a far cry from what we should be eating. The modern western diet is heavily processed which is causing obesity and disease. I should really like to try and help reverse this trend.

I studied at agricultural college (a long time ago!) and have grown organic fruit and vegetables ever since. When my children were little I used to encourage them to help me in the garden. Looking back, I’m glad I did, as they eat healthy food and can cook too – which means I get a night off sometimes!

In the garden, I like to work with nature rather than against it; making the most of beneficial animals and insects to help me. I make use of recycled materials wherever possible to grow food and I’d really like to share my experiences (good and bad) with everyone, and write about growing and preparing real food cheaply, easily and successfully.

I have published four cookbooks over the past three years and I also enjoy art, writing, music, wildlife and am very interested in health and nutrition.