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Anna Cotton – Managing Editor

Born on the day I Will Survive reached number one in the UK, I’ve been doing my best to embrace that sentiment ever since.

I got on board with Save the Earth because I figured that if I could keep a calamitous individual such as myself alive, I might well be able to use those “transferrable skills” to save the planet.

I have a confession – I’m insatiably nosy. Training as a journalist was the obvious option for me – what better way to pass off that nosiness as bona fide curiosity? My creative endeavours have undergone many incarnations over the years, including Arts and Entertainment reporter, Communications Officer, Oral Historian, freelance Creative Copywriter and, um … Warehouse Operative, responsible for putting plastic clips on snazzy men’s ties to make them look tied when they weren’t. I’m also the author of two contemporary fiction novels and I have played the violin since I was seven years old.

While completing my Masters degree in Creative Writing, I developed a passion for editing which led me to take on the role of Managing Editor at Save the Earth. I work closely with the co-operative’s talented writers, helping them to polish their articles and make them gleam.

I’m also responsible for creating the co-operative’s monthly newsletter, providing copy for our campaigns and writing the bulk of the blog features. Human-interest articles are my forte – I love stories that place people at the heart of events and examine the impact of societal issues on their lives. The subjects that currently intrigue me most are sustainability, off-grid living, food poverty, the housing crisis and championing local heroes, businesses and initiatives.

I live with my fellow writer husband in a house on the highest hill in Nottingham, UK – the steep climb is punishing, but the view is worth it! My favourite things include going to music festivals, exploring deserted beaches, partaking in stimulating debates, dancing like a loon, playing Scrabble and eating cheese in all its glorious forms. Nothing makes me feel calmer than walking through woodland. Nothing riles me more than bad grammar.