Do We Need GMOs?

The earth’s very first farm to utilize salt water as well as sunshine to grow vegetables in the centre of a desert has opened up for business. This innovation shows that the biotech-promoted misconception of requiring genetically altered food and also countless amounts of cancer causing chemicals to cultivate crops to feed the populace, is most probably largely misinformation.

Utilizing coconut husks, 23,000 mirrors to harness solar energy, and also desalinated water, is Sundrop Farms in Port Augusta, Australia. Without turning to chemicals, counting on rains, or looking to fossil fuels to power their system, is this a new innovative way to grow in dry arid climates.

Save the Earth 2

Save the Earth 2

This system challenges our dependency on our finite water, land and energy resources. In addition, it grows pesticide-free food. So, it breaks free of our dependency on the chemical industries which many blame for the marked increases in cancer and other diseases.

Working in Severe Climatic Conditions

Sundrop’s capacity to continue in spite of severe climatic conditions is impressive. In such conditions Sundrop Farms has had the ability to take the force of high winds. It also continue operating in spite of enormous power outage that take out power in their location.

How do they do this? They use salt water from the Spencer Gulf  and recycle and re-use it. Sundrop prevents the need for dependence on groundwater. Most farming relies heavily on a large amount of groundwater and with increasing climatic changes and the severity of changes, this system offers a solution.



No Need for Soil?

Sundrop additionally grows crops hydroponically which lowers the general demand for water while also making the requirement for soil obsolete. By making use of mirrors to capture the desert sunlight, all the system requires is sunshine and also some salt water to grow food all year round. Quite an impressive feat, to be sure.

The firm additionally makes use of no chemical plant foods, as well as no chemical pesticides. Instead it uses other insects to control the bugs which might hurt the plants. Just as they do in nature, in fact. They grow non-GMO fruit and vegetables and present an alternative model of a food growing system. This system operates year round with solar energy.

New and Old Solutions to Problems We Face

From smaller sized, smallholding farms exercising traditional methods to produce healthy food yields, to this example making use of the most up to date methods combined with innovation and knowledge of ecology, we really do not require anything greater than some effort as well as creative imagination to feed every person a healthy and balanced diet. Nothing really is impossible. So, do we need GMOs? Probably not.


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  1. Kaval on November 15, 2016 at 10:09 pm

    U are really making a change which would be really helpful in the future for harvest of food. I also love growing green in hydroponics… Came across this article… All I can say is great work, keep it up…

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