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how to save the environment
18th June 2016

Personal Tips on How to Save the Environment – Clean Air

How to Save the Environment - Clean Air. Climate Change is Real and Humans Play a Role. Climate change is not a figment of the imagination of some left wing radical looking to cause trouble for hard working people. It is a real natural process that has been operating on the planet Earth since its birth. It is something that is measurable, and thus, cannot be denied. Greenhouse gases play a big role in forcing climate change, many of which the Earth produces on its own. However, in the past two hundred years, the production of these gases has increased…
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how can meditation help
11th June 2016

How Can Meditation Help Us Save the Earth?

How Can Meditation Help - An Introduction to Meditation The benefits of meditation are a big subject, so in this article I'll give you just a brief introduction. The question in this article is a question very relevant to the global aim of Saving the Earth. How Does Meditation Benefit Us? So, how does meditation benefit us? When I was asked to write an article about meditation for Save the Earth, the first question I asked myself was ‘what message about meditation do I really want to get across to the Save the Earth members?’ The answer came instantly. I…
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how to grow food in containers
11th June 2016

How to Grow Food in Containers (Part 1)

How to Grow Food in Containers Do you want to know how to grow food in small spaces? Growing organic food in containers is one of the most rewarding pastimes and I’ve grown my own produce for years and have had plenty of successes (and failures!) but the one thing that always inspires me is how incredible nature is. Seeds want to germinate and plants want to flourish. There are still lots of crops that can be sown in June and placed on the patio, a small yard or a balcony. Okay, tomatoes and sweet (bell) peppers wouldn’t ripen in…
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why join a coop
11th June 2016

Why Join a Co-op ?

Common Myths about Joining a Co-op Why Join a Co-op?  To most foodies, gardeners, people looking for a more ethical lifestyle, those looking for ways to purchase or grow fresh produce, and those who want to start making a difference to the state of the earth,  Cooperatives – including our very own People’s Co-op at Save the Earth - are a relatively hidden treasure. Why hidden, you might ask? Our recent Facebook group survey confirmed our suspicions that many people are not entirely sure how co-ops work—or how to get involved. This article clears up the top misunderstandings in a…
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