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29th June 2017

Custom Build Housing – Sustainable, Beautiful and Designed For You!

Do you dream of building your own home but can’t find a plot to develop? Just imagine a house designed for your lifestyle and budget, built in your desired location on a plot which already has planning permission. A house which is beautifully tailored and constructed using the latest technology enabling outstanding energy efficiency and perhaps even built to Passivhaus standard. If this sounds like your dream come true, then custom build might well be the answer!   Millions of people around the world want to build their own homes, but the biggest hurdle when embarking on a self build…
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9th June 2017

Urban Farming Explored

Urban Farming Imagine a local farm producing masses of delicious, fresh, succulent organic fruit and vegetables all year round. You may live miles away from green fields, but this farm is different as it’s tucked away in the middle of your town or city! Urban farms are popping up all over the world and there are some very exciting times ahead ... Growing food in an urban environment is becoming more important than ever as populations steadily increase. A large percentage of the world’s agricultural land is used to produce animal feeds and oils, rather than food directly grown for…
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2nd March 2017

What? My Homegrown Cabbages are Patented?!

This probably sounds like a completely ridiculous question, but I’m afraid this is not as far-fetched as it first appears. Whether you grow your own veggies or not, our whole food system is becoming monopolised and it could well be that those crunchy green cabbages you have grown are patented! If you eat fruit and vegetables, homegrown or not, read on! In times gone by, food was grown on farms and gardens with locally produced seed. The crops grew and were harvested. Simple. Rather than harvesting the entire crop, a row or two was left to mature and flower. The…
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7th February 2017

Ecovillages and Communal Living

Have you ever thought of escaping the “rat race” and the stresses and strains of modern day life to pursue a calmer, sustainable, more social and spiritual existence? I think this might have crossed a lot of people’s minds at some point or another, and now, more and more people around the world are turning their dreams into reality.   The growth in the number of ecovillages is staggering! Just a quick Google search will list dozens of projects around the world already under construction or being planned for this year alone. The word “commune” to the majority of people,…
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25th January 2017

Community Supported Agriculture

Why Should I Get Involved With Community Supported Agriculture? If you are interested in eating fresh, healthy, local food but don’t have the space to grow your own - or perhaps the know-how, then becoming a member of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm may be just up your street! CSA farms are worldwide, generally small scale, and often organic. They focus on helping local people and the environment so therefore provide a more sustainable approach to producing food. Most of us are used to shopping at a supermarket or large store and, of course, these shops are owned and controlled…
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16th September 2016

How to Grow Food in Containers Part 3

Grow Blueberries in Containers Grow Food in Containers - Part 3 If you’ve been following my guide on How to Grow Food in Containers, your salad crops should be almost ready to harvest now, but don’t worry if you haven’t sown any crops yet as all types of green, leafy salads are best sown every 3-4 weeks to guarantee a continuous supply until late autumn. As well as mixed lettuces, rocket and spinach, I’m growing landcress (which tastes like watercress) and it’s doing really well. Grow Beans and Peas Beans and peas should be winding their way up the bamboo…
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what is vertical farming
20th June 2016

Grow Your Own Food in Containers (Part 2)

Grow Your Own Food in Containers  In my last post I gave a list of bits and pieces you’ll need to grow delicious fruit, veg and herbs in containers, plus a list of seeds and plants I recommend growing. Seed packets usually have clear sowing instructions on the back, but growing food in containers is slightly different from growing in the open ground. Before putting compost in containers, a few sheets of folded newspaper lining the base of the pot will stop water draining away too quickly. Growing Courgettes and Cucumber Indoors Courgettes and cucumbers are the only seeds on…
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how to grow food in containers
11th June 2016

How to Grow Food in Containers (Part 1)

How to Grow Food in Containers Do you want to know how to grow food in small spaces? Growing organic food in containers is one of the most rewarding pastimes and I’ve grown my own produce for years and have had plenty of successes (and failures!) but the one thing that always inspires me is how incredible nature is. Seeds want to germinate and plants want to flourish. There are still lots of crops that can be sown in June and placed on the patio, a small yard or a balcony. Okay, tomatoes and sweet (bell) peppers wouldn’t ripen in…
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