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Gina Harrison

11th October 2017

Van Life – Trend, or Necessity?

Van Life In search of a freer, more affordable and adventurous life with fewer monetary stresses and strains, Save the Earth blog contributor Gina Harrison decided to bite the bullet and live full-time in a van. This was a decision that was to change her life beyond recognition. Read on to discover how Gina escaped the shackles of modern living and at what cost – is van life truly a viable and sustainable alternative to traditional accommodation? “Even after 400 generations in villages and cities, we haven’t forgotten. The open road still softly calls, like a nearly forgotten song of childhood.”…
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1st June 2017

Why Choose Health Food Shops OVER Supermarket Chains in the South-West UK?

The Growth of Health Food Shops Over the past few years I have witnessed more independent health hubs springing up in towns and cities across the UK, from organic food suppliers to zero-waste stores. What some may refer to as overpriced hippy-dippy gimmicks, others would describe as a new generation of mindful, indie shop owners who all share the same goal, to promote a healthy lifestyle through consumption. What is it that makes these stores so unique in our communities? Quite simply the priority of organic cafes, health food shops, and vegan delis is to offer the "hard-to-find" healthy option on…
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6th February 2017

Newquay’s Alternative Music Scene – Uniting and Inspiring the Cornish Community

Newquay's Alternative Music Scene – Community Spirit Music has changed my life. You might think that's a strong statement, but when left I behind the hectic urban landscape of Leeds in the north of England and relocated to its southernmost county of Cornwall, I found myself enveloped within a community in love with music. In Newquay, a small Cornish town, music is practically a movement for the high-on-life locals - it's their world!   The Rise of Alternative Music Festivals The summer can be a slog for the tourist-magnet that is Newquay, but the season also brings something else – FESTIVALS! The surrounding area of…
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