Baking Soda – Weight Loss ?

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is an alkaline compound that counteracts the impacts of acid stomach. When you ingest baking soda, it acts with your stomach acid to give off compounds including water and co2, which result in excess gas. This chain reaction aids your stomach in feeling far better in the aftermath of a greasy or particularly spicy dinner. But it won’t dissolve calories or fat. What we mean is – there is no concrete evidence that it makes you lose weight quickly.


Baking Soda and Weight Loss

Baking Soda and Weight Loss

No – There is No Evidence that Baking Soda “Melts” Fat

Just because baking soda calms an upset stomach by neutralizing stomach acids, it really doesn’t mean that it can help your body break down fat. A healthy diet that avoids sweets, fizzy drinks, refined grains, processed foods, and some saturated fats (there are some healthy saturated fats found in things like coconut oil and avocados) will help you slim down. Moving more is also essential, as well as some kind of strength training to increase lean muscle mass. This helps burn fat too.

Healthy Living is the Key to Losing Weight

Instead of opting for a gimmicky fads like baking soda, dropping weight requires you to focus on making good diet decisions and being more active.

In addition, baking soda has quite a lot of sodium in it. For people with kidney or heart problems this could pose a serious health risk. Too much of anything is generally inadvisable, but excessive amounts of baking soda can also impact the health of people who don’t suffer from any disease. What is more, it may well interact with a multitude of prescription drugs such as aspirin, some antibiotics and a few diabetes medications. So, its highly advisable to check with your physician first.

Homemade Deodorant Recipe

Additional safety measures when ingesting Baking Soda

True – baking soda is a common household item and is a trusted home remedy for indigestion, yet it’s not without risks. As we mentioned before, ingesting excess of baking soda or taking it right after a heavy meal can have serious health consequences ( bursting stomachs have been cited as one!!) These instances are unlikely and rare. Usually they happen on account of an underlying  condition, but the possibility of such a complication exists. There are many good reasons to consume baking soda. But losing weight quickly is not one.

Other Uses of Baking Soda

Many people use baking soda for the following uses:


Removes bad smells from clothes

Underarm deodorant


Face and body scrub

Helps to soften skin

Relieves itchy skin

Oven Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaner (tiles and bathtub)

Silver Polisher

Drain cleaner

So folks, baking soda is really helpful for many things but it won’t defeat any excess fat you might want to get rid of.  The most effective weight-loss plan requires commitment, healthy eating, and being active. It can, however, help you to understand other factors, such as blood pH in achieving your goals. We’ll cover this in a later blog.

What do you use baking soda for? We’d love to hear from you…..


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Baking Soda and Weight Loss

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