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The Arnold Pie Competition?

– Arnold Pie –
What’s it all about?

Well, you have the Bakewell tart & the Melton Mowbray pork pie, why not the Arnold pie?. The idea is to create a pie that Arnold becomes famous for, a pie that everyone knows, be proud of and that drives visitors to the town and gives an economic boost to the town. Plus we all love pies right?

– Competition-
Is open to anyone 

And the best bit, it could be your recipe that locals and visitors are munching down on. whether you’re a local business, professional chef or just enjoy cooking and can make a cracking pie the competition is open to any resident or business in Arnold

– Arnold Pie –
With a bit of History

Arnold has a long history and we’re famous for a few things, so if we’re gonna have a local pie, let’s take into account the history of the town. It can be anything for the town’s historical name “Ernehale” and what local ate back then or something from recent history, can even be great grandma’s secret recipe. See our food History below…

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Some History of Food in Arnold

Arnold Pie Competition

Arnold Pie Competition

Arnold Pie Competition

There is no record of Arnold ever having a market until the present one was built in 1966. This is because Arnold unlike most village at the time grew a lot of vegetables , in what were later to become market gardens. The more usual crops except barley were less in evidence. This made the village self sustaining and the need for a market was removed. In the 1700 Arnold became famous for its carrots .


This vegetable grown in the area obtained nearly twice as much at sale as its revivals due to their size and quality. Its interesting that Hammonds the current market gardeners recently also received an award for their carrots. The area is obviously still living up to its reputation.

The village was in a clearing in the centre of Sherwood forest which at the time was owned by the king. Arnold was therefore subject to forest law. The forest itself was the hunting domain of the monarch and as such the local people were not allowed within its boundaries. The village of Arnold was confined, being surrounded by a fence and ditch to keep the deer out of the village and the people out of the forest. The village being in a clearing was also a half mile away from Mansfield road with only the present Nottingham road ( a narrow track ) joining the village to the present A60.


.Besides the restriction imposed on them the villagers still caught the odd deer so venison was on the menu.


They kept sheep on the large area of common land known as north and south field. Sheep were easy to feed as they could eat the short stub grass at the edge of the forest. They also  provided wool as well as milk and meat. Pigs were another animal that was kept even by the poorest people of the village.

The Pig will eat nearly any thing and to a good extent look after themselves. Local area names suggest this keeping of pig as  in Swinehursts  the area on the edge of the forest also reflected in Swinehurst farm for example. The pub on Mansfield road at Daybrook one of the oldest in the area and was called the Old Spot before being renamed Coopers Beck. The original name refers to a breed of pig common in the area. -Arnold Pie Competition

Pubs abound in the area as Home brewery was also situated on Mansfield Road at Daybrook. The ale brewed by this establishment was exported all over the world and was made from locally grown produce. Its taste however was down to the local water that was drawn from deep wells. This well water was used throughout the production of the beer even down to washing out the barrels so as not to affect the taste.

So as far as food is concerned carrots, venison, lamb and pork together with the local ale and water make up the Arnold taste, as far as the areas history that is any way.

Research by local historian;  Bob Massey – September 2019

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Competition Rules

– We want this to be a fun and enjoyable competition, but we also have to be serious as well… So please read all the rules carefully, as we want a fair and transparent competition  and any breaking of the rules may mean disqualification –


Arnold Pie Competition

Arnold Pie Competition



  1. The Arnold Pie Competition is open to any resident or business (that trades in a permanent location) that is located in Arnold or within 2 mile radius of Arnold Market, all applicants must prove this when entering the competition by completing the application form.
  2. Under 16’s can enter the competition as well, but the parent or guardian must complete the online application form on the child’s behalf and also attend the event with the child.
  3. All applications to enter the competition must be entered online via our online form, all questions relevant to you must be completed in full and please provide as much information as possible, we’d like to know all about you and why you’ve entered.
  4. Each applicant must enter on the competition date two ( x2 ) Identical pies, it must be a family sized pie, must be in a round or oval pie tin/dish, Sized between 20cm to 32cm, we will NOT accept square shaped pies. We ask for three pies so we have enough for the judges and the audience to sample.
  5. Each pie must have a pastry base and top, however no pies can have any distinguishing marks or decorations, we will only allow a crimped edge to the pie, a small hole in the top to allow steam to escape during the cooking process and (optional) the letters AP made from pastry to signify Arnold Pie, there should be no other distinguishing marks or decorations that could give any clue to whom that applicant is. Any deviation of this could result in disqualification.
  6. The Arnold Pie Competition will have two ( x2 ) Categories, The pies entered are hot eating pies, ( for example a steak and ale pie ), we do not accept cold eating pies (for example a chilled traditional pork pie)  First Category;         Meat based Savoury pie (which can include vegetables)Second Category;   Vegan Savoury pie  (not including ANY animal based products ie. meat, 
                                    eggs, milk, butter….)
  7. Each applicant can enter the competition in one, any or all of the categories above; for example; if an applicant enters all two categories they will bring four ( x4 ) pies on the competition date.
  8. On the competition day, along with the pies you’re entering you must also bring with you the following information written on A4 Paper; a) Your Full Name & Address (so we can cross check with your online application)b) Full list of ingredients you have included into your pie/s (this is very important) so NO, secret spices etc etc, remember this competition is for the Arnold Pie which local businesses need to replicate. Also at this stage only the competition committee will get to see your full recipe notes, the judges and audience will not.

    c) We will also need method and cooking times for your pie recipe, same conditions apply as point b) above.

    d) History; local provenance of the pie and its ingredients will be a very important factor considered by the judging panel, whether you take inspiration from Arnold’s old history of food eaten in the area when Ernehale was mentioned in the doomsday book, or recent history of food consumption in the area, even your great great grandma’s recipe can be entered. We will need a few paragraphs explaining your inspiration behind the pie you are entering, as this explanation will be seen by the judging panel on the day, and a portion of your overall points score will be based upon the provenance and inspiration. (So be creative, here is a handy local history source for some inspiration and local historian Mr Bob Massey has provided a history of food of Arnold on this competition page, so please get those creative juices flowing.
  9. It is very important to understand why we are doing this competition in the great community of Arnold, entering it is NOT for personal financial gain, you’re are giving away your recipe freely with no conditions attached, its for the benefit of the community. Yes of course there will be a small benefit of Kudos factor… and a small winners prize …  and even if your pie wins, you could open your own local pie shop selling the winning pie and supplying the other local businesses your pie. (but remember the recipe can be replicated by other local businesses using the same recipe)
  10. Only the winners recipe for each category will be shared with the bakers of the Arnold Pie and a copy of the recipes will be kept under lock and key kept secret for the prosperity of the town. All other records of the recipes will be destroyed.
  11. The winner of each category will be announced after all the pies have been judged and the judging panel have returned after deliberation, Each winner will receive a certificate, a Key of Arnold (shaped as a Pie of some sorts) to hang on your wall and of course Kudos and bragging rights.
  12. The Judging panel will be made up of six ( x6 ) local members of the community (TBA) and an adjudicator who will be responsible for ensuring the competition is run fairly and correctly. Also one vote to accompany the judges final scores will be held by the audience on the day, so a total of seven ( x7 ) accumulative scores will decide the winner.
  13. The Judges will have a marking criteria for each category that will give a final score, qualities like pastry texture/flavour, fillings, taste/history etc etc will be evaluated. 
  14. The competition committee (The Organisers) have the right to disqualify any entries at anytime, the application will have one right for appeal and if that fails the committees decision is final. The competition committee is made up of the following people; Jo Pascoe, Karen Exton, Sue Patience-Brown and Emlyn Mousley.Contact or any questions can be made by responding to Arnold Pie Competition posts on Arnold Community Facebook group or by emailing

You can download the rules here


Important dates for the diary

– Online Competition Application –


Thursday the 6th of February 2020


Day Hour Minute Second

– Competition –


Arnold Methodist Church (Arnold Pie Competition)
54 Front St, Arnold,
Nottingham NG5 7EL

Arnold Pie Competition

– Arnold Pie Competition –


Arnold Pie Competition

Saturday: The 8th of February
Time: 11.00 am – 3:00 pm Day Hour Minute Second


Arnold Pie Competition

save the earth- Arnold Pie Competition

Arnold Pie Competition