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Cooperative ( Vision & Mission Statement )

Welcome, future Save the Earthers, from around this world – become an Earth Guardian today!

Welcome to Save the Earth, the People’s Co-operative – designed by the people, for the people of this world. Our goal is to broaden our base around the globe, as we become truly international. The term co-operative doesn’t just describe how we work or how we conduct ourselves, like “collaborative” or “shared-economy” – it is a legal entity, a nationally-regulated alternative form of enterprise ownership.

Just like any other business, the governance and ownership rights are all outlined extensively in the organisational documents and we are managed by an elected Board of Directors and Management team. The key difference is in how we are controlled, when compared to any standard organisation. In a typical corporation majority control goes to whoever or whatever owns the majority of voting stock (the shares); in a Co-operative, majority control is in in the hands of the Patron-Member owners, like you and me, on the basis of one member, one vote.

Co-operative ownership can take many forms. To give the Save the Earth Co-operative the very best chance to grow and be able to influence the marketplace, we have been structured as a “Platform Co-operative”, specifically a multi-stakeholder Limited Co-operative Association, or Ltd. Co-operative. This structure allows for multiple classes of members working together balancing the well-being of each individual member, class, and the organisation as a whole.

Our Vision

“Our vision is of a world in harmony, a word in balance, a world restored and renewed. We believe this can best be achieved by a holistic co-operative approach to those challenges facing the peoples of this earth today – especially in the areas of environment, housing, nutrition, health, education and commerce.”

Honesty, integrity, peace, trustworthiness, loyalty, fairness, concern and respect for others, food and water security, law abiding, commitment to excellence, security of health & energy, leadership, reputation, inspiration and accountability are all ethical principles the Save the Earth Co-operative will strive to uphold.

The Founding Members


March 2016


Mission Statement

Awareness: we shall promote a better understanding of our personal responsibility to each other and to the environment by creating awareness of the individual choices we make and how those choices can make a real and positive difference.

Regeneration: we accept that we are part of nature and not superior to it and that we must help to cultivate and regenerate various eco-systems globally; by working with nature, we commit to restoring its balance. We shall be ever mindful of using and promoting renewable resources and regenerative science, eliminating or re- using waste in all parts of our system to the greater good.

Commitment: as the people’s co-operative we are totally committed to making the future a peaceful, better place for all those that share our planet, (including the animals and the ocean life) informing and educating each other with proven surveys and factual evidence to support the claims we make. We commit to applying self- regulation, to responding to change with no strict adherence to dogma and to focusing on sustainable, ethical business practices.

Funding: we are not a charity so shall raise funds from like-minded supportive groups, individuals and our membership, as well as through profits from our sustainable business ventures, in order that we help fund environmental research projects chosen and voted for by our members. A percentage of profit distribution will be returned to all financial stakeholders. Additionally, we shall set up a not-for- profit foundation to provide philanthropic and charitable investment in green and ethical technologies and practices.

Lobbying: we shall grow strong and, in doing so, lobby governments and political parties around the world by creating briefing documents, research data and studies to support and influence positive change at the highest levels, resulting in better lives for all the people of this earth on which we reside.

Save the Earth