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Welcome to the home of Save the Earth Co-operative. If you are a passionate human who is concerned about the state of the planet, wish to make a difference in your local community or are looking for a platform where your voice can be heard, then you’ve landed in the right place.

Save the Earth Co-operative is made up of people just like you – we are owned by our members and run by our members. We focus on environmental issues, wildlife, regeneration of ecosystems, sustainable eco energy, clean water and food. Our aim is to encourage individuals, businesses and governments to go green and leave the world a better place for future generations.

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8th May 2018

Ten Affordable Tips for a Sustainable Green Business

Sustainable green business initiatives are buzz-worthy for many a good reason -  a greener workplace reduces its impact on the planet while becoming a more productive and healthier place to work. Going green might seem daunting, but contrary to what many cash-strapped small-business owners think, sustainability management doesn't have to cost a fortune - in fact, it can be invaluable to your company's bottom line as well as the environment.  Here are ten simple and affordable tips to help you run an eco-friendly business: 1. Pull the Plug  We are all conscious of our energy bills at home, but how many of us…
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1st May 2018

Ten Top Tips for a Greener Household

A Greener Household A few simple changes can make your household a greener place. If you aspire to be kind to the planet, your health and your pocket, check out our ten top tips. How many are you incorporating?    1. On the Scent - Choose Essential Oils, Not Synthetic Air Fresheners In the UK, consumers spend nearly £400 million a year on 225 million aerosols, plug-ins and candles, each promising an alluringly quick, convenient and harmless way to transform the atmosphere in our homes. However, evidence is now emerging that all of these products contain hazardous industrial chemicals which can, among other things, transform…
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24th April 2018

Light Bulb Moments – Choosing the Right Energy Efficient Home Lighting

What Watt is What? How much do you know about the role your choice of lighting plays in reducing carbon emissions?  Most of us have mastered the basics such as screw or bayonet, but what about the eco credentials of various new types of bulbs? When traditional incandescent bulbs were phased out, a brighter future beckoned. However, with a dazzling array of bulbs for sale, how can we distinguish which are most beneficial for the environment AND our pockets? In the Beginning … Let There be Light!  Ever since the introduction of the National Grid in the 1930s, electric lighting has been ubiquitous across British homes. Although…
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Wildlife Conservation
16th April 2018

Help Save Hedgehogs from a Prickly Fate

Save Hedgehogs Today In the 1950s there were 50 million hedgehogs in Britain. Now, in 2018, the population stands at just 1 million. Did you know that DEFRA, the UK government department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has just approved the sale of A24 traps that can ensnare and kill hedgehogs? But how can this be so? Aren't hedgehogs a protected species in the UK? This is true, and while the traps are intended for the 'dispatching' of rats and stoats, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) fears that they pose a real threat to hedgies. Speaking to The…
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27th March 2018

Baby Steps to an Eco-Friendly Pregnancy

It's an understatement that pregnancy upends your life in numerous unexpected ways – it’s likely that you’ll find yourself busier than ever, preparing for your new arrival.  If you're ethically minded, it's natural that your thoughts will turn to what steps you can take to towards a greener, more eco-friendly pregnancy. Here are five ways you can do right by yourself, your baby and the planet when you're pregnant.   1. Source Ethical Maternity Wear I know what you're thinking – eco-friendly maternity wear might benefit the environment, but it's not too kind on your pocket, right? While it's true…
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