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Archive for November 2016

How to Community Garden – A Beginner’s Guide

How to Community Garden - A Beginner's Guide 1

How to Start a Community Garden Task Force. 10 Save the Earth Cooperative guidelines that will enable you to start a garden community task force in your area.   Steps 1 -5     Join Save the Earth and we’ll set up a local Save the Earth Facebook group and invite other local members to…

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Is Clinging to Belief Making Us Feel Powerless?

Is Clinging to Belief Making Us Feel Powerless? 2

Limiting Beliefs Observation rather than Judgement On my own personal quest for answers – for solutions to the world’s problems, I am constantly observing. I cannot emphasize enough that they are observations, and that I am trying not to make judgements. Above all, judgements are futile. We can’t do anything about what other people do…

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Problems with Soy

Problems with Soy 3

Image Amy Wilson, CSIRO Creative Commons 3.0 License Problems with Soy It has come to light that soy production decimates vast swathes of rainforest. Of course, we are talking about industrial production and not smallholder farming and more ethical organic providers. According to the WWF, global soy production has risen sharply from 130 million tonnes…

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How to Find a UK Ethical Bank

How to Find a UK Ethical Bank 4

How to Find an Ethical Bank – The UK  Scandal and Wrong Use of Resources We’ve witnessed banking scandals for many years now. The 2008 monetary situation resulted in an “overhaul” of the banking system, but has anything really changed?   Large banks have been found out out for mis-selling items, breaking regulations, and also…

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What are Permaculture Zones?

What are Permaculture Zones? 5

Image by Felix Müller under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. What are The Zones In A Permaculture Layout? Permaculture zones are the various grow zones in your permaculture set-up. We divide a permaculture plot into distinct but overlapping growing zones. Why do we do this? Well, the first reason is that the zones relate…

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What is Permaculture?

What is Permaculture? 6

Image: Claire Gregory’s suburban permaculture garden in Sheffield, UK, 2009 What is Permaculture? You may wonder “What is permaculture?”. Well, a fundamental idea in permaculture is observing and also complying with nature’s patterns. Permaculture advocates create human systems that rely upon organic ecological and social communities. Less ambiguous than the term “sustainability”, permaculture puts forward a…

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