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Save the Earth Co-operative is made up of people just like you – we are owned by our members and run by our members. We focus on environmental issues, wildlife, regeneration of ecosystems, sustainable eco energy, clean water and food. Our aim is to encourage individuals, businesses and governments to go green and leave the world a better place for future generations.

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26th July 2017

Newsletter July 17 – Save the Earth

Newsletter July 2017 Summer is here and this month Save the Earth have been ablaze with ideas for our very first community initiative. Consider a future where cities can feed their inhabitants independently, slashing food miles and creating direct links with consumers. We believe that this future is a tangible one and that is why we have founded The UrbanLeaf™ to supply urban communities with nutritious, organic produce, fresh from the harvest to the plate within hours. To discover more, read on ... Introducing The UrbanLeaf™ The UrbanLeaf™ is Save the Earth's very first community initiative, as voted for by the co-operative's management board.…
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25th July 2017

Introducing The UrbanLeaf™ – Save the Earth’s First Community Initiative

Did you realise that on average, our food journeys 1,500 miles to make it to our plates? We all know that food travels as well as a fractious toddler on a plane! It’s packed, repacked, refrigerated and resold many times over and by the time it makes it to the consumer it has been stripped of much of its taste, texture and aroma, not to mention its nutrients.  One third of the world's population currently work in agriculture, producing food not only for themselves but for the 54% of the Earth's inhabitants who live in urban areas. The vast majority…
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30th June 2017

The Standing Rock Sioux Step Out onto the Global Stage

With protesters up in arms about the catastrophic impact of the Dakota Access Pipeline, how much longer can the US government afford to plough ahead with its construction? Not only is the pipeline obliterating ancient Sioux land at Standing Rock, but it will expedite climate change, facilitating the burning of fossil fuels. Surely there must be a more feasible solution, a future where renewable energy is our mainstream fuel source, as opposed to a marginalized alternative? So, why are the protesters so angry? Why are they willing to put their lives on the line for the defense of the land…
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29th June 2017

Custom Build Housing – Sustainable, Beautiful and Designed For You!

Do you dream of building your own home but can’t find a plot to develop? Just imagine a house designed for your lifestyle and budget, built in your desired location on a plot which already has planning permission. A house which is beautifully tailored and constructed using the latest technology enabling outstanding energy efficiency and perhaps even built to Passivhaus standard. If this sounds like your dream come true, then custom build might well be the answer!   Millions of people around the world want to build their own homes, but the biggest hurdle when embarking on a self build…
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13th June 2017

Off-Grid Living 101

"Escaping the rat race" is an ideal harboured by many and a phrase uttered repeatedly by myriad individuals. Perhaps you feel like a rat, stuck in a maze, racing around, hunting for sustenance and hungry for change? Life is too precious to waste feeling trapped, which drives us to consider ways of breaking free. For a growing number of citizens, off-grid living is proving a feasible solution.   The Appeal of Off-Grid Living Living off-grid has seen a rapid resurgence in recent years, with consulting company Accenture forecasting that 12% of US households and 11% of European households will be off-grid by 2035.…
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9th June 2017

Urban Farming Explored

Urban Farming Imagine a local farm producing masses of delicious, fresh, succulent organic fruit and vegetables all year round. You may live miles away from green fields, but this farm is different as it’s tucked away in the middle of your town or city! Urban farms are popping up all over the world and there are some very exciting times ahead ... Growing food in an urban environment is becoming more important than ever as populations steadily increase. A large percentage of the world’s agricultural land is used to produce animal feeds and oils, rather than food directly grown for…
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