Fresh for 2017, Save the Earth are proud to launch our innovative Ethical Business Network! No matter where in the world your company is located, whether you employ 1000 + staff or you are a sole trader, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to be part of a network of like-minded businesses who embrace ethical ideals.

Is My Business Eligible to Join the Network?

Does your company sell ethical products or services, demonstrate sound ethical principles or make a positive contribution to society and / or the environment? Perhaps your business has signed up to a green or ethical scheme, such as the ISO 14001 Environment Management System? If your organisation has green credentials or aspires to embrace them, Save the Earth would love you to get on board with our initiative.

Save the Earth

Ethical business – Save the Earth

Who Are Save the Earth?

Save the Earth are a member-run co-operative dedicated to entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts with the goal of regenerating the earth. Our vision is of a world in harmony, restored and renewed. We believe this can be achieved by a holistic co-operative approach to the challenges facing the people on our planet today, especially in relation to the environment, housing, nutrition, health, education and commerce. Learn more about our vision and mission here.

Save the Earth

How Can the Ethical Business Network Benefit My Company?

Through becoming a Creative Member Company (CMC) of Save the Earth, we can offer your ethical business invaluable exposure and endorsement. Here are four key benefits:

1) Your CMC will receive an ethical business network marque logo for its website as visible approval from Save the Earth to your customers.

2) Save the Earth will feature your business in an editorial article on our blog and share it with our global audience.

3) Your CMC will be listed on the Ethical Business Network landing page of Save the Earth’s website, with links back to your own website.

4) Up to three nominated members of your CMC will be eligible to become Guardian Members of Save the Earth at no additional cost, enabling them to attend business networking meetings and vote in matters of the co-operative, as well as enjoying numerous other benefits, such as free entry into our monthly cash raffle.

Save the Earth

green business -Save the Earth

Advertising Opportunities

In addition to an introductory editorial article showcasing your business, Save the Earth will publish new product launches and press releases to our blog and social media networks free of charge every month. At present we have 25,000 active followers across our social media networks and 10,000 unique page views per month on our website, forecast to rise to 100,000 page views per month by the end of 2017, given our current growth figures. 45% of our hits come from the UK, 40% from the United States, 10% from Canada and Australia, with the remaining 5% from the rest of the world.

All new CMC members will be announced in our monthly digital newsletter that will be linked back to your website or chosen offer or destination. You will also receive a quarter page advert as a joining bonus.

All CMC members will have first refusal on sponsorship of the events, initiatives and activities that Save the Earth manages throughout the year. These can be great for brand awareness and getting your products or services in front of like-minded customers.

All CMC members will also have the opportunity to advertise at substantial discounts on the Save the Earth website via banners, our shop, e-shots and newsletters, along with other opportunities that we will offer over the coming months.

Save the Earth

Great! You What Else Can You Offer My Business?

CMC’s will be invited to Save the Earth events nationally and internationally to demonstrate its products or services at a 30% discount to normal concessions. Additionally, businesses in the educational and teaching sectors will be invited to develop products and services under our joint venture scheme.

CMC’s will be invited to participate in ethical business networking meetings once they arrive in your area, and will be offered special advertising rates on all promotional material used in the ethical business networking meetings, even if you cannot attend meetings, or events have not yet started in your locality.


Save the Earth

How Much Does it Cost?

If you take advantage of our Creator Membership in 2017, your business can reap all these rewards for just £250 per annum (+ VAT if applicable at the time). Furthermore, if you sign up within this time period, we can renew your membership at this rate for subsequent years.

Prices will rise significantly from 2018 onwards, so don’t miss your chance to snap up our special offer at this limited introductory price.

Save the Earth

Save the Earth

Image Credit: Raphael Wagner, Flickr

Ready to Sign Up?
Save the Earth amazing Ethical Business Network Launch 2020 1

Need to Know More?

Find out more about the benefits of becoming a Creator Member Company, or drop us a line HERE.



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